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Create your private tax return online.
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With the KLARTAX tax app, you can get your tax refund with little effort. No prior knowledge is required to use the app. Data protection and data security are very important to us.

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With KLARTAX you can get your tax refund with just a few clicks.

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Digital, quickly and with little effort. With KLARTAX, you can easily note all relevant account movements and expenses on your tax return.

Mobile tax app and web version

Create the next tax return on the go using an app or online on your computer Submit data. Print. Signed to the tax office. Very easily.

Transmission by August 2nd, 2021 with a voucher code free of charge

Submitting the tax return normally costs EUR 19.99 including VAT. With the voucher code KTX2020PP, it is even free for the 2020 tax year! Simply enter it in the order process.

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The ones relevant for the income tax return
Capture and collect information with simple questions.


Easily mark account transactions
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Quick and easy invoices and
Record and categorize receipts.


Complete the income tax return
and prepare for delivery.


Secure tax return data
Send encrypted to the tax office.

Clear advantage: the KLARTAX app briefly explained.

From the account connection to the finished tax return.
Take a look at how the KLARTAX app can help you.

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Tax tips that pay off.

Here you will find useful tips to save taxes and get even more out of your tax return.

My first tax return

There is a first time for everything in life: This also applies to the tax return. Students usually give them up voluntarily. But does the seriousness of life start with your first tax job? If you only work for one employer and have no other income such as rental income or investment income, you can usually lean back and relax. Good to know: You can always submit a tax return voluntarily, and in many cases you can get a refund.

Tax 2021 for employees - between short-time work, volunteering and donations

At the beginning of 2021, numerous new tax regulations came into force again. Due to the ongoing corona pandemic, many changes are about tax relief for particularly affected groups. Including employees who will be on short-time work in 2021. But volunteer work is also recognized for tax purposes.

Everything KLARTAX! The FAQ.

How so? Why? Therefore!

With our tax app, you can easily create your tax return online. The app helps you to get your tax refund with little effort.


You do not need any previous knowledge to use the app. Because KLARTAX makes the preparation and creation of your private income tax return in all areas particularly easy for you. With our tax app, you can note all tax-relevant account movements during the current tax year. And upload the related documents. In this way, you know the amount of the reimbursement to be expected even before you receive your income tax assessment. Thanks to the integrated overview function, you always have a complete overview of your finances. After you have completed the tax return, submit the data online and securely to the responsible tax office. Then print out the tax return and sign it and submit it to your responsible tax authority.


Good to know: If it is more complicated than expected, KLARTAX will conveniently forward you to the DATEV SmartExperts platform. There you will find suitable tax experts in your area, whom you can give the mandate to prepare your private income tax return for the current assessment period.


As soon as you have entered into a mandate agreement with your tax expert and you have entered it in KLARTAX under “My office”, you can of course transfer the tax information you have already entered in KLARTAX to your expert. Prerequisite: Your tax expert has set up DATEV My Taxes for you.

The transmission of the data for the assessment period 2019 and 2020 to the responsible tax office is possible at any time.


Think smart: In principle, you can use KLARTAX to gradually record all of your tax-related matters throughout the year. In this way, you can create your tax return for the tax year 2021 in a relaxed way.

KLARTAX is the ideal tax software for all employees who want to create their own income tax return easily, simply and securely online. KLARTAX does not currently cover all tax cases and is particularly suitable for young professionals. For example, tax returns that contain part-time income from self-employed or voluntary work are currently not possible.


The application is constantly being further developed by us - with your feedback! Simply send us an email to service [at] klartax.de. So that further facts can be conveniently recorded and transmitted to the tax office in the future.


Have you already given the mandate to prepare your private income tax for the current assessment period? Then use KLARTAX to collect your tax-relevant data and the associated receipts and documents. You can then send the data to your tax advisor with just one click, who will finalize your tax return for you. Prerequisite: You have saved your personal tax advisor in KLARTAX and he has activated you for the DATEV My Taxes application.

KLARTAX continues to develop. Of course - with your ideas.

Do you have any suggestions or wishes regarding the app and web application? [email protected]

In case it gets more complex ...

... KLARTAX forwards you comfortably to the DATEV platform SmartExperts. There you will find the right tax and finance experts for you in your area. If necessary, they will be happy to support you with your private tax return. After all, KLARTAX is more than a normal tax and finance app. Because behind KLARTAX is DATEV - Germany's unique cooperative for tax consultants, auditors and lawyers.

KLARTAX. All right with taxes and finances.

Now until August 2nd, 2021 Submit your tax return free of charge!

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