What is a pentagonal pyramid

Special pyramids optional subtasks 2003-2013 secondary school leaving certificate

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Task W2b / 2003

Source RS conclusion BW 2003

Task W3a / 2005

The following are known of a regular nine-sided pyramid:
M = 300 cm2(Outer surface)
a = 6.4 cm(Base edge)
Calculate the volume of the pyramid.
Solution: V = 473 cm3
Source RS degree BW 2005

Task W3a / 2007

A regular pentagon has the length of the side a = 3.6 cm.
If you lengthen all the pentagonal sides, the network of a regular pyramid is created.
Calculate the surface area and the volume of the pyramid.
Solution: M = 49.9 cm2
V = 36.8 cm3
Source RS conclusion BW 2007

Task W2a / 2009

From a regular five-sided pyramid are given:
M = 126 cm2 (Outer surface)
HS.= 8.4 cm (Height of the side surface)
Calculate the area of ​​the triangle AFS.
Solution: A.AFS= 33.8 cm2
Source RS conclusion BW 2009

Task W2b / 2010

Source RS conclusion BW 2010

Task W2a / 2011

From a massive regular five-sided pyramid are known:
V = 329 cm3 (Volume of the pyramid)
a = 7.0 cm
Part of the pyramid is cut out (see sketch).
Calculate the surface of the resulting body.
Solution: ONew= 314.6 cm2
Source RS conclusion BW 2011