Why are most French brown-eyed?

In the last lecture "China - Intercultural Competencies" we talked about prejudices and stereotypes, among other things.

We also talked about France and it struck me how many prejudices there are!

The typical Frenchman is slim, has brown eyes and brown hair, always carries a baguette under his arm and eats snails and frogs' legs. There are crème brûlée or profiteroles with the bedside table. And and and.

Here is a summary:

  • The French have brown hair and brown eyes: most French are actually brown-haired and brown-eyed. BUT: Exceptions confirm the rule 😉
  • The French eat baguettes every day: definitely true!
  • The French have a penchant for extraordinary foods / French are frog eaters !: also true. At Christmas in particular, people feast on oysters, foie gras, frogs' legs and snails.
  • The French are connoisseurs: oh yes!
  • The French talk and gesticulate a lot: absolutely right! Probably not as wild as Italians (preliminary part), but also a lot 🙂
  • The French are arrogant: absolutely not. They have good self-esteem and do their thing, but they are not arrogant at it.
  • The French are unfriendly: Orange = neutral. There are many unfriendly French people, but also very warm ones. But as a tourist you often come across the not-so-nice French.
  • The French always wear berets: I haven't seen a single French man with a beret!
  • French only speak French: although French learn a long time and several foreign languages ​​at school, they don't really speak them. I was really lucky with my host mom, who speaks English. Except for a family friend who also speaks German (he is often in Berlin), none of them spoke any language other than French.
  • French are extremely patriotic and only France is great: French love France.
  • French women are always très chic in costumes and high heels: French women value their appearance very much, but high heels don't always have to be 😉
  • French women, when they have children, define themselves not just as mothers, but as women AND mothers: Absolutely true. I felt as if they were retaining a bit of independence and independence. Very difficult to explain.
  • The French are very straightforward: right.
  • The French drive Peugeot or Citroen: around 99% of the population drive a French car.
  • The French greet everyone with kisses on the cheek: Yes. 2 kisses. Right, left “enchanté”.
  • French are very sensual and seductive: yes.
  • French want discipline in schools: the French school system is very, well, disciplined.
  • The French are generally slim: there are really few overweight people.
  • The French are pretty: I've seen more good-looking people than in Germany, definitely.
  • The French smoke a lot and drink red wine all the time: almost every French person smokes. And you drink red wine very often. Just not so much at once. We often drank a bottle of wine with 6 people. The French are connoisseurs 😉
  • The French eat cheese after every meal: yes.

In conclusion, I can say that I found most of the clichés and prejudices confirmed, but not in a negative sense. French are great 🙂

Question of the day:

Can you think of another prejudice? What do you think of when you think of French?

I like it:

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