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Stanwell pipe tobacco Classic 50g can

Stanwell Classic

  • Pipe tobacco 50g packet
  • exquisite blend of matured Virginia and soft Black Cavendish
  • pressed flake pieces
  • sweet plum aroma
  • classic mix
  • subtle room note

For the production of Stanwell Classic pipe tobacco, an exquisite blend of matured Virginia and soft Black Cavendish is enriched with carefully pressed flake pieces (cut plug) from Virginia and Burley tobacco. A touch of sweet plum aroma refines the classic Stanwell Classic mixture to a perfect smoking experience with an extremely subtle aroma.


Stanwell Classic rating scale:

Flavor intensity:3
Room note:2

1: low - 2: behavior - 3: balanced - 4: pronounced - 5: intense

Flavor intensity This criterion reflects the entire creation of a mixture: the selection of raw tobacco, the proportion of special varieties such as Latakia or Orient, the preparation and, above all, the type of cut. Every detail is decisive for how intensively you will later perceive the special taste of the tobacco.

Flavoring Many popular pipe tobaccos gain their special note from the flavoring, the addition of fine aromas. This refinement is preferably done with vanilla, rum, whiskey, fine liqueurs or selected fruit extracts. The aroma intensity describes the dosage of the aromas and their harmony with the prepared mixture.

Room note In addition to the taste and aroma intensity, pipe tobacco can of course also be experienced through its scent. The room note criterion describes how intensely you are perceived as a pipe smoker when enjoying the respective mixture with your pipe.


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