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The controversial N word in the Chinese language

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Recently, a businessman approached me about this N-word in the Chinese language. Which N-word? Anyone looking at the Chinese-German dictionary will find the expression nà ge (4th tone, neutral tone) under the expression 那个 in the official transliteration Pinyin.

The German translation is those, that, that (there). The Chinese pronunciation nèigè is also common.

Opinions differ on this value-free expression, which is not lacking in any everyday and business situation. In intercultural encounters in China and in the Chinese-speaking environment, it repeatedly causes irritation and sometimes discomfort. Why?

Easy to explain: Quite often, when speaking quickly, a sound that sounds like "nigga" comes out of the lips of Chinese friends and business partners. After almost imperceptible bewilderment, a decision is made in a matter of seconds whether the faces of the international conversation partners take on an understanding or a constrained, dismissive trait. Who knows at the beginning of his stay in China that »nigga« is not a racist expression, but that, that, that (there) means and is often woven into sentences as a filler word?

Under 'The "N" Word in Mandarin Chinese 那个 Niggaa ’you will find an informative video on the Internet with examples from everyday Chinese life.

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Barbara Heyken is a sinologist and certified intercultural trainer.
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