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5 tips against mirror problems in the bathroom

Blind mirrors, fogged up mirrors, dark mirrors - your bathroom mirror can cause problems. We'll show you the causes of the five most common mirror problems in the bathroom and give you helpful tips on how to solve them in no time at all.

Does the mirror fog up after showering or does it get more and more black spots? You can easily fix these problems with our tips.

Problem 1: Black Spots - Blind Mirror

At first it's just small black dots that don't seem to be wiped away. But if you are not careful, at some point your mirror will no longer be a mirror - it has gone blind. But why?

Old mirrors in particular have often gone through a lot. This silver mirror can hardly see you anymore.

Possible Cause

A mirror can become blind over time for many reasons - blind means: Microcracks in the glass surface oxidize the silver layer underneath, which is responsible for the actual reflection. In the air, this turns into black, speckled silver sulfide and over time no longer reproduces the image. This usually happens through too much exposure to the sun - but also through aggressive cleaning agents.

Blind spots on the mirror are not beautiful - unless you can see through them and recognize them as abstract art.

Solution for a better perspective

First and foremost: a mirror with black spots or even a blind mirror will never look like new again. If you want to prevent your mirrors from going blind, you should be careful when hanging them not to expose them to direct sunlight and clean them gently.

But the good thing is: at least the first signs - the black spots - can be treated. With linseed oil, blind spots become shiny again. Apply the oil thinly, let it work in for a short time and then polish again.

At some point, however, an increasingly blind mirror can no longer be saved. At the latest when you can no longer recognize yourself, a new mirror should be purchased. A new silver coating is actually only worthwhile for mirrors with a high historical value.

You can find tips for repairing mirrors in our magazine.

Problem 2: The mirror starts up

The fogged up mirror should not be wiped free: the palms of the hands leave unsightly streaks on the surface of the mirror.

Everyone knows it and it is completely normal: that the mirror in the bathroom starts to turn on after a shower or bath happens in every household. This is not harmful for mirrors, but for those who want to use the mirror afterwards, tarnishing is simply annoying. The reason for this is the moisture in the bathroom - this settles on the mirror and condenses due to the lower temperature of the surface.

Solution for a clear view and immediate use of the mirror

There are several remedies for this mirror problem.

If possible, shower with the window open

When the window is tilted, a large part of the moisture can escape while showering and will not condense on the mirror. Even if you have a mold problem in the bathroom, showering with the window tilted can have a preventive effect, as the moisture in the bathroom cannot last long.

Use effective home remedies

With these household gadgets, your mirror will stay clear even during a hot shower. You can use your mirror for example

  • Rub in with a little soap or shaving foam, polish thoroughly dry (!) and without water. The thin soap film should prevent the condensation from settling on the glass surface. You should repeat this procedure about once a month.
  • Wipe it with a glasses cleaning cloth from the drugstore: This helps against fogging in general.
  • rub with a potato slice and wipe with a lint-free cloth.

Since these are home remedies, it is possible that the desired effect may not always occur.

Blow the mirror clear with a blow dryer

A hair dryer is not only useful for drying hair. You can also blow away the annoying condensation on your mirror in seconds.

It was not always thought of using home remedies to prepare the mirror. That is why the hair dryer variant is the last-minute help! Because the warm air flow of the hair dryer, which can absorb more water than cold air, evaporates the water on the mirror surface in seconds.

But be careful! Under no circumstances should the hair dryer blow too hot, otherwise there is a risk of cracks in the mirror surface. Maintain a distance of at least 30 cm, blow-dry from bottom to top and move the hair dryer back and forth - this will avoid build-up of heat.

Retrofit the mirror professionally

A permanent solution for anyone who counts on professionalism is mirror heating. It heats the mirror to a maximum of 45 ° and thus keeps it fog-free.

You can find more tips on retrofitting your mirror here.

Problem 3: hang mirrors on tiles

A mirror on tiles is particularly beautiful - as long as the tiles remain intact. It is not always necessary to drill - adhesive mounting also works.

Most people are more reluctant to drill into the tiled surface than when drilling into a wall. This is probably due to the fact that the holes cannot be plastered again so easily here. There is also the risk that tiles will crack when drilling. But it only becomes a problem if you don't get the right information: because there are simple solutions here too.

Suggested solutions for mounting mirrors

Most important tip for you: Avoid drilling directly into the tile. A hole in the tile joint is just as suitable and is not so noticeable if the mirror is removed again.

You can also find the instructions as a video:

Problem 4: Unsightly streaks after cleaning

Bathroom mirrors are usually harder to clean because they are exposed to heavy soiling such as toothpaste splashes, make-up stains, limescale and the like on a daily basis. Therefore, if you do not clean thoroughly or incorrectly, you often leave unsightly streaks and streaks.

A streak-free shine on the mirror is not that difficult with the right know-how.

Solution for a streak-free shine

Since bathroom mirrors are usually well lit, you can even see them on them smallest dirt. A mild soapy solution made from washing-up liquid and a little citric acid (which is odor-free compared to vinegar) in the cleaning water often helps.

At stubborn dirt this home remedy could help you: Cut a potato in half, rub the cut surface into the mirror and then wipe with clean water. Due to the high starch content, your dirty mirror will shine again.

Caution: No matter how dirty your mirror is - do not use any aggressive cleaning agents! This damages the sensitive mirror surface. In this video we will show you how to do it Clean your mirror properly.

But it is not only important to clean with a damp cloth. Also proper rubbing dry is essential:

  • Be sure to wipe with a clean, lint-free cloth (microfiber). Towels or rags leave behind unsightly fluff.
  • Alternatively, rub the mirror dry with crumpled newspaper after cleaning. Make sure, however, that you only use daily newspapers and not smooth paper like those from glossy magazines: the coarser leaf structure absorbs moisture and any dirt residues better.

When wiping, don't forget the corners and edges and dry the mirror thoroughly. Otherwise the mirror threatens to quickly become blind (see problem 1). Important: Even if you like to use a rubber squeegee for cleaning, you cannot avoid rubbing dry.

Problem 5: Too little light on the mirror

A chain of lights as the only light source on the mirror looks nice, but is by no means sufficient.

root cause

In the bathroom, the lamp is usually attached to the ceiling or wall - but where you really need the light, if you want to see your own image, is the mirror. So it is quickly possible for you to take the light away from yourself and cast annoying shadows.

Solution to no false facts

The LED bathroom mirror with elegant light strips at the top and bottom create a special look.

Correct lighting directly on the mirror is essential for face and body care that require good visibility.

But not everyone has the same requirements for the position of the mirror lighting. Here you can test which version of the lighting is the right one for your needs; You can find these in our online shop in our selection of illuminated mirrors.

The ideal solution for applying make-up are bathroom mirrors with lighting that are mounted horizontally above and below or to the left and right of the mirror. Uniformity is the key here.

Have you already found your dream mirror, but still have ideas for lighting? We also have elegant mirror lights ready for you, which are very easy to assemble and put you and your bathroom in the right light.

If you are not only interested in the right light on the mirror, but also in the entire bathroom, we can also provide you with tips for beautiful light sources in the bathroom.

Additional tips for mirror maintenance

  • Never spray cleaner directly on a mirroruse a soft cloth instead and only then clean the mirror. This will give you a better idea of ​​where the remedy will take you. Critical edges should be treated with care.
  • Read here how to properly care for and keep clean not only the mirror, the heart of your bathroom, but also the entire environment.

We hope that you will put an end to your mirror problems quickly with our solutions and we hope you enjoy your mirror!


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