What kind of weapon is a halberd

Halberd 195cm, "The Guardian"

The halberd or helmet beard is a hybrid of cutting and thrusting weapons that combined the man-stopping effect of a spear with the armor-piercing effect of the ax. It is one of the polearms of the infantry and was mainly used from the 14th to the 16th century.
The halberd reached the height of its effectiveness around 1470. It was used particularly effectively by the Swiss and Hussites in the mass deployment of the infantry. In the 16th century it was widespread in arming German cities ("night watchman spit"). During this time, the flapping area developed back while the tip was lengthened at the same time. This technical innovation process has now made it possible for halberds to have their own fencing technique. From the early 14th century, written and pictorial sources no longer broke off, which means that a continuous development process can be traced. Original halberds can be found in large numbers in the arsenal holdings.

In the 16th century, armaments were pushed back due to the increasing use of firearms. The use of the halberd as a stabbing weapon with an elongated, front blade predominated until it was finally ousted by the pike.

After 1525 it was quickly degraded to a more decorative than an effective orderly weapon. The halberds of Elizabeth I's time were elaborate but too unwieldy to fight. In fact, they only contributed to the representative appearance of the guardsmen.

Even today, the world's smallest and oldest army, the Swiss Guard, which guards the Vatican, uses halberds as ceremonial weapons.

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Care of the post weapons

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