What is conscientiousness personality trait


Conscientiousness is one of the five personality traits of the Big Five personality model. Those who achieve high scores for conscientiousness usually have a high degree of self-discipline. Such individuals prefer to follow a plan and are less spontaneous. Because of their methodical approach and perseverance, they are extremely successful in the professions they have chosen.

A high conscientiousness score means that a person is responsible and reliable.

Conscientiousness is how a person controls, regulates, and controls their impulses. Anyone who has a high conscientiousness score in a career test is very good at formulating long-term goals, organizing and planning the achievement of these goals and will work very consistently to achieve these goals. Despite short-term obstacles that one may encounter. Other people generally perceive a conscientious person as responsible and reliable.

Although high conscientiousness scores on a personality test can also indicate compulsive perfectionism and workaholism. These people can also be seen as boring or inflexible. Take a free personality test to learn more about your professional strengths and to test your personality.

Sub-factors of conscientiousness

Each of the Big Five factors has six facets or sub-factors. These can be assessed independently of the character trait to which they belong in a personality test. The sub-factors of conscientiousness are:

  • Self-confidence
  • order
  • Loyalty to duty
  • Striving for achievement
  • Self-discipline
  • Attention

Career and conscientiousness

High conscientiousness scores in a career test are an important indicator of success. One reason for this is that this area contains a trait that is known as a need for performance. These people are reliable, organized and persistent, which means that they will achieve their professional goals. Studies show that the character trait conscientiousness is related to work performance in various occupations. This means that someone with high conscientiousness scores on a personality test is better suited to a job.

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The Big Five personality model was developed by various independent research groups over several decades. The area of ​​conscientiousness is one of the five dimensions in the Big Five model. Many employers use this personality test to screen applicants. Take the free online personality test and learn more about the other aspects of the Big Five model or test your personality.