What information should I leave a babysitter?

Everyday family life in the corona crisis

The kindergarten closes before the last meeting? Are your grandparents young at heart and want to explore the world? And when was the last time we had a pizza undisturbed? Anyone who has children knows that there can never be enough helping hands.

More and more families therefore want the help of experienced babysitters who support them in everyday life. It's not that easy to find the right one.

In order to find the right caregiver for your family, it makes sense to pay attention to a few points in advance.

Tip 1: plan enough time

Since the babysitters should be given the greatest possible responsibility - looking after your children - you should allow yourself enough time to search. It often takes a few weeks for a gentle acclimatization and good relationship building.

Tip 2: Get to know each other in the child's familiar environment

If a candidate has been selected, it is advisable to invite them directly to your home in order to create a pleasant get-to-know situation for the child in familiar surroundings.

One of the first items on the wish list will be reliability. You should be able to value punctuality. A sincere apology for being late is natural for babysitters who take their job seriously.

Tip 3: Prefer babysitters who are "not over-packed"

Your potential babysitter should give you the impression that he or she has enough time for the job. Looking after children is often very exhausting. If you have too many other obligations, you may have to cancel appointments more often or you may not be able to give your child the necessary mix of activity and rest phases.

Tip 4: Observe how much interest there is in your child

Does the babysitter show genuine interest in your child? This can be seen by asking lots of questions about your child. Experienced babysitters know how to approach children and get their attention, but they can also tell when it is better to stand back and wait.

Tip 5: take your child's reactions seriously