Is a rotten egg, the water smells harmful

Tap water stinks - what could be the reason?

Careful review

In order to isolate the problem, it is first of all important to carry out an exact analysis:

  • What exactly does tap water smell like? (rotten, like rotten eggs, metallic ...)
  • Where does it smell (at all extraction points, only at individual extraction points?)
  • When does it smell? (at certain times of the day or always the same strength, only with warm or also with cold water?)
  • Does it smell all the time or does the smell go away when the water runs for a while?

As a first measure, you can have a drinking water check carried out. In many cases, the type of substances contained in the water can provide information about the possible cause.

Rotten egg smell

A rotten egg smell (= sulfur) can have several causes. On the one hand, gas can form in the area of ​​the pipelines. Here, the closer cause must be investigated.

However, it can also be a sign of a high incidence of sulfate-forming bacteria. It may then be necessary to disinfect the lines and remedy the situation.

Metallic smell

A metallic odor is a very common indication of iron oxide in the water. This can be determined with the help of a water test. The cause here often lies in the pipelines themselves.

In particular, old, galvanized iron pipes lose their zinc coating after a few years and release iron compounds into the water, especially if the water has been in the pipelines for a longer period of time.

Putrid smell

Decaying organisms in the area of ​​the water installation are extremely rare, so this is almost impossible as a cause.

Putrid smells are often caused by the turbulence of waste water gases and odors, which can enter the fresh water pipes in certain areas. The installation must be checked carefully here.

One should make a habit of running water for a while before drinking it, so that the amount of water that was previously in the pipes can be drained off.