What quote ruined your day

The reputation is ruined first

By Matthias Hanselmann

Singer Nina Hagen in July 1980 on the balcony of her apartment in New York (picture alliance / dpa / Dieter Klar)

"Once the reputation has been ruined, it is quite uninhibited." This quote is attributed to such diverse thinkers and poets as Wilhelm Busch or Bertold Brecht. In fact, the wisdom of life is said to have been presented to the public for the first time by cabaret artist Werner Kroll around 1945.

Some people openly chat about the most private things. Politicians unabashedly promise the blue of the sky. The list of synonyms for the word is long and shows that it can have both positive and negative connotations: from relaxed to unscrupulous, from casual to ruthless.

The origin: In the 18th century the French word "embarrassed" was borrowed from "gĂȘner" = to bother. "Se gĂȘner" originally means "to force oneself".

The opposite of this is also widely represented in the world of rock and pop. Various bands have completely unabashedly devastated hotel rooms or thrown TV sets from the same - and thus ruined the reputation of their guild. Others have safely smashed their equipment on stage or set their guitars on fire.

But many songs also deal with the lack of embarrassment. From George Brassens and his "4 Bacheliers" who go through life "sans vergogne" (= shameless) to Ben Folds, who regrets his earlier, uninhibited life.


Our riddle is about one of the most uninhibited bands in rock history. For example, on September 17, 1967, this band made their first appearance on US television. Her drummer had his bass drum stuffed full of gunpowder. There was a huge explosion in the middle of the concert! The drums burst into pieces, a cymbal that flew around cut the drummer's arm open, studio guest Bette Davies passed out. Fortunately, there were no serious injuries or deaths. Incidentally, the band unabashedly continued destroying equipment at other gigs. Which band are you talking about?

Answer: The Who

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The AfD has presented its asylum "concept" - and that's clever: right of asylum, of course! but not as an individual legal claim. That's what the top duo Gauland / Weidel explained. And the concept can be expanded: Democracy? Sure, but without individual voting rights. Freedom of speech? Logo, but not for everyone. Human rights? But always, as long as it fits.

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