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McDonald’s meat and ingredients check: What's in it and where does the meat come from?

There is regular talk of a McDonald's meat scandal. Whether celebrity chef Jamie Oliver denounces the popular fast food chain because of its ammonia and fat in the meat slices or whether rumors of human flesh are circulating in the burgers, the media are all too happy to boast shocking reports. Recently there is also the ingredient check. In the guide we give some background information on where McDonald's meat comes from, what's in the meat and what's on the news.

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Facts about McDonald's meat

  • The round beef slice will Patty called.
  • The burger slice weighs roughly 40 grams.
  • It has a fat content of approx. 20 percent.

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What's in McDonald's Meat?

You can now order burgers and co. Conveniently to your own door with the McDonalds delivery service. But what is actually in the patty? The company provides information on the origin and composition of its ingredients on the McDonald's website. For example, the beef patty 4: 1 Simmentaler or the beef patty for the cheeseburger consist according to the list of ingredients 100% beef.

The officialGuiding principles for meat and meat products Ministry of Food and Agriculture stipulate that hamburger patties be too 100% beef consist have to. Optionally, salt and spices can be added. According to a statement on the McDonald's website, their patties would then only be seasoned with salt and pepper.

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McDonald's ingredient check: pros and cons

The ingredient check is intended to inform consumers transparently about the ingredients in the products of the fast food giant. While you are enjoying your portion of french fries or your burger, you can scan the QR code on the packaging with your smartphone. You will be redirected to a website where you can find information about the food in question. So you can see the origin of the meat or the other ingredients directly, but nothing about the keeping of the animals.

Daniela Krehl, nutrition spokeswoman for the Bavarian Consumer Center, is ambivalent about the McDonald's ingredient check:

“You could see nutritional values ​​and calories very well, but things got more difficult with the ingredients. You had to search for a long time. The question of where the meat comes from now, from Germany, from six other EU countries or from Brazil became problematic. I ask myself where the added value is for consumers. "(Source: br.de)

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For example, the Group's statement that the French fries are fried in pure vegetable oil should also be viewed critically, because the oil also contains the additive polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS, E 900). In Germany, the permitted daily dose is 1.5 mg / kg body weight. As a result, the portion of French fries is in the green, but it is not pure vegetable oil. Even with fish burgers, consumers do not know for sure whether they have saithe, hake, cod or haddock in their burger. If you still want to find out more, you can not only scan the associated QR code, but also find the ingredients of the products on the McDonalds website.

All information about the McDonalds delivery service

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Where does McDonald's meat come from?

On their side, the customers learn that one of the meat suppliers for McDonald's is OSI. OSI Food Solutions Germany GmbH employs over 10,000 people and delivers beef, pork and chicken. For example, the Chicken McNuggets for McDonald's come from the Duisburg-Rheinhausen location. According to Südwest Presse, the OSI production facility in Günzburg manufactured in 2011 5.5 million daily Patties for McDonald's - some of them are also delivered to the Netherlands. OSI gets the meat from slaughterhouses in Germany, the Netherlands and Austria. Both the company and McDonald's emphasize on their websites that 90% of McDonald's meat from Germany come.

Didn't you like it or do you have a complaint about a particular branch or the concept? Then you can complain to McDonalds online and by phone.

The Handelsblatt also commented on the production of burgers at McDonald's in 2014. At the time of the investigation, the meat came from dairy cows because it was cheaper than that of young bulls. Positive: In contrast to Burger King, the meat at McDonald's was not grilled over an open flame and therefore contained less PAH (considered carcinogenic) than its competitor Burger King.

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Jamie Oliver - McDonald's Meat Scandal

There are repeated reports on Facebook, Twitter and other services that Jamie Oliver has won a lawsuit against McDonald's. There is talk of ammonia and fat. In fact, this is ammonium hydroxide, which was used in the USA to preserve meat. Jamie denounced the company inedible, qualitative inferior To use meat for the production and preparation - but that already in 2012 and related to the meat in the USA. Back then, in his show "Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution", he showed that there is no high-quality beef in the patties but rather "pink slime" (source: mimikama) in the burgers and that chicken nuggets tend to have skin, internal organs and fat instead of the good Meat are used for the nuggets (source: business-on.de).

Jamie Oliver achieved in the USA that the fast food giant, like Burger King, now does without ammonium hydroxide in its production, as it has already done in other countries. However, since 2014 the suppliers of the chicken meat have been able to use genetically modified feed again so that sufficient quantities can be supplied.

Human flesh at McDonald's?

The scandal surrounding human fish at McDonald's is also not new. Often the side of Huzler is quoted. If you look closely, you will see that this is a satirical site and the report that both horse meat and human meat have appeared in meat factories is a bad joke.

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Excursus on the subject of meat

Meat contains numerous important nutrients. Iron and other trace elements such as zinc, copper and magnesium as well as vitamins B1, B6 and B12 are found in meat. Beef, in particular, is rich in vitamin B12. A third of the zinc supply and the selenium required daily can be covered with meat and meat products. Meat consists of an average of 20% protein and, in contrast to vegetable protein, this is similar to that of the human body. That means it has a high biological value.

The percentage of fat has decreased in recent years, so today lean pork with around 2 percent fat is available. In addition, the proportion of unsaturated fatty acids (up to approx. 60 percent), which are important for the human body, increased. The intramuscular fat content determines the taste and juiciness of the meat. But fat is also a vital nutrient, makes us full and allows us to absorb fat-soluble vitamins. Last but not least, it is a carrier of aromas and flavors. The meat quality depends on the breed, feed and age of the animal.

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