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Company health management and performance management

Healthy, efficient employees are the basis of a successful company. Our company health management system keeps an eye on all the factors that affect the health of your employees.

Only people who are healthy and feel good can consistently perform well, are capable of development and create innovative solutions. Our corporate health management (BGM) offers companies and institutions holistic management of all operational factors that influence employee health. In this way, the BGM becomes an important component in the successful implementation of your corporate strategy.

Our services - tailored to the needs of your company

  • Identification of fields of action
  • Definition of goals for company health management (OHM), derived from company goals
  • Strategy development for OHM
  • Advice and support with the introduction of a WHM
  • Development and implementation of WHM measures
  • Check the effectiveness of implemented measures

Our modules offer you a lot of flexibility: You decide which support you need at what point in time.

  • Coordination of the company goals and the specific procedure
  • (Background) information and approaches to action on WHM
  • Presentation of results
  • Creation of internal structures and a coordinated overall picture for the WHM implementation
  • Implementation of a dashboard for planning, implementation and evaluation of measures
  • Initiation and control of change measures
  • Participation in the implementation of the measures
  • Advice and support in the implementation of evaluation projects to monitor the effectiveness of implemented measures
  • Continuous further development of the BGM

This is what you can expect from the ias Group's BGM

  1. The occupational health management of the ias Group (ias-BGM) offers you the targeted management of all factors that can be proven to influence employee health directly and indirectly from the 5 fields of action.

  2. The ias-BGM identifies and uses Interactions and synergy potential and optimizes all health promotion factors and measures.

  3. Your already existing activities can flexibly use the ias-BGM integrated become.

  4. We take your company-specific challenges, goals and resources into account. Can be coordinated with it individual modules selected and gradually implemented in the WHM.


Emergency psychological organizational advice

for crisis intervention


Introduction of company agreements

Addiction, corporate integration management (BEM), conflicts

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Study BGM in SMEs 2019/2020

Company health management in times of digital transformation.

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Employee health as a competitive factor

Two thirds of all employees also go to work sick and accept compromises in the quality and quantity of their work.

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Rising incapacity rates are alarming companies, doctors and health insurance companies alike. Above all, overuse phenomena with a psychological-mental background, such as the much-cited “burn-out syndrome”, are increasing worryingly. According to the Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health in Germany, the costs for absenteeism due to physical and mental illnesses and the consequences of accidents alone amount to over 100 billion euros per year. The costs incurred by employees who appear in the workplace despite being ill (presentationalism) are roughly twice as high.

Possible consequences of this behavior are reduced work performance, higher error rates and increased risk of accidents. In addition, there may be a risk of infection, delayed recovery and relapses through to chronic diseases. The main value levers of corporate health management are therefore not only in the reduction of direct illness-related costs, but above all in areas such as avoiding presenteeism and increasing employee motivation.

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Shaping the digital transformation with healthy employees

What is changing in the world of work as a result of digitization and what effects this can have on employees.

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