What is a teaching culture

Teaching culture


The lessons at the Knapper School combine a wide variety of principles so that individual learning can be made possible.


For us, the clear structuring of the lessons is fundamental for differentiated work in order to improve weaknesses and develop strengths. This means that processes, goals and content are discussed with the students so that roles are clear. Rules, rituals and free spaces are recorded and discussed in mutual agreement. Furthermore, we enable our students to have a high proportion of real learning time through good time management and the rhythmization of the daily routine.


Individual support and learning in itself can only take place in a climate conducive to learning. Accordingly, mutual respect, rules that can be reliably observed, assumption of responsibility, justice and care are important principles in our teaching.


Clarity of content is also a prerequisite for learning and thus the comprehensibility of tasks, plausibility of the thematic course, clarity and bindingness of the results are important components.


We are constantly striving for meaningful communication. This means that students are involved in the planning, a culture of conversation finds its way into the classroom and learning diaries etc. are made.


Another important point for individually tailored lessons is the variety of methods. We are constantly striving to offer our students a wealth of staging techniques (e.g. showing, demonstrating, giving impulses); to show a variety of patterns of action (e.g. lecture, text work, board work, teaching talk); to keep the course forms variable (entry, development, securing results) and to create a balance of the methodical basic forms (e.g. free work or courses).


Practicing and training a wide variety of learning content is also an important part of the lesson. Here, the students are made aware of learning strategies, appropriate exercise assignments are given, targeted assistance is given and framework conditions conducive to exercise are offered.


In addition, individual learning is supported by transparent performance expectations. The students are given an offer based on the curriculum and guidelines that is tailored to the capabilities of all students and contributes to the learning progress of each individual through support-oriented and rapid feedback.

Finally, the prepared environment is essential and is reflected in our good order, functional furnishings and useful learning tools.