How can I uninstall old Java updates

Can / may I delete old Java update files?

Experience with Triumph-Adler

Solved IT rascal 1 day ago Question printer and scanner

Hi, has any of you already had experiences with Triumph-Adler in connection with MFPs. If so, you look back on this positively or negatively. Love ...

Decrypt eking files

uridium691 day agoQuestionEncryption & Certificates

Hello I was encrypted the NAS or the files on it, the files now have the extension .eking How can I restore them myself ...

FTP no longer accessible via browser

RabbitRobin1 day agoQuestionWebbrowser

Hello, in the meantime I have realized that the current browsers no longer support FTP. Still, I can't imagine that there is absolutely no way ...

Separate the content of a CSV file with Powershell?

solvedspongebob241 day agoQuestionBatch & Shell

Hi everyone, I have a question. I have several CSV files in one folder. Whose content always has several lines, but again and again ...