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Every year the US magazine "Forbes" publishes a list of the richest people in the world as well as a list of people who already have a billion dollar fortune at a young age.

German representatives can also be found in the current 2020 ranking of the world's youngest billionaires. In contrast to the first ranking of the world's youngest billionaires in 2020, Kylie Jenner is no longer represented, as "Forbes" estimates her fortune to be less than one billion US dollars.

But who is hiding behind the world's youngest billionaires? These are the richest young people under the age of 30, sorted by age:

The world's youngest billionaires on the Forbes 2020 list

8th place: Pedro de Godoy Bueno (29)

Pedro de Godoy Bueno is the youngest billionaire in Brazil. The CEO of the Brazilian laboratory company Diagnosticos da America SA will make it into the top eight of the youngest billionaires for the first time in 2020. The Brazilian net worth will rise in 2020 $ 1.1 billion estimated.

7th place: Evan Spiegel (29)

Every year "Forbes" magazine selects the richest people in the world. The corona crisis has changed some placements in the ranking. Who made it back into the top ten and who occupied the top positions.

Snapchat founder Evan Spiegel became the youngest CEO of a listed company in history when his start-up went public in 2017. His holdings decreased from $ 2.1 billion in the past few months $ 1.9 billion. In 2020, the Snapchat founder will slide from sixth to seventh place in the ranking of the youngest billionaires.

6th place: John Collison (29)

John Collison and his brother founded the payment service Stripe in 2010. According to Forbes, the Irish self-made billionaire currently owns$ 3.2 billion. In the ranking of the youngest billionaires in the world, John Collison is currently in sixth place. In 2019 the Irishman was able to occupy fifth place, but this year he was overtaken by a German.

5th place: Elisabeth Furtwängler (28)

The daughter of the German actress and doctor Maria Furtwängler and the publisher Hubert Burda made it to fifth place in the 2020 ranking of the youngest billionaires. The 28-year-old owns 25 percent of the Burda Media Group. The "Forbes" magazine quantifies Elisabeth Furtwängler's fortune $ 1.2 billion (approx. 1.1 billion euros).

4th place: Jonathan Kwok (28)

Jonathan Kwok is the younger son of Walter Kwok, who built the largest property developer in Hong Kong with Sun Hung Kai Properties. After Walter Kwok's death in 2018, brothers Jonathan and Geoffrey inherited his fortune. Jonathan Kowk currently owns, according to Forbestwo billion dollars. Last year, his fortune was estimated at $ 2.5 billion - fourth place in the 2020 ranking of the world's youngest billionaires.

3rd place: Gustav Magnar Witzoe (27)

The fortune of the 27 year old billionaire is on $ 2.3 billion figures and gives the investor third place in the ranking of the youngest billionaires 2020. Gustav Magnar Witzoe owns 47 percent of the Norwegian salmon producer Salmar AS.

2nd place: Katharina Andresen (24)

Katharina Andresen is the older daughter of Johan H. Andresen, a Norwegian investor and industrialist. Her father bequeaths her and her sister Alexandra 42.2 percent each of Ferd AS. The fortune of the young heiress is raised by "Forbes" $ 1.1 billion estimated. It currently ranks second in the current ranking of the youngest billionaires.

1st place: Alexandra Andresen (23)

It stays in the family - as in 2018, the younger of the Andresen sisters is the youngest billionaire in the world. The 23-year-old daughter of the Norwegian investor Johan H. Andresen inherits - like her sister - 42.2 percent of the family investment company Ferd. The heiress' fortune will increase this year $ 1.1 billion estimated. In 2019, Alexandra Andresen still owned 1.4 billion US dollars.

The eight youngest billionaires in the world in the 2020 table

1.Alexandra Andresen23 years$ 1.1 billion
2.Katharina Andresen24 years$ 1.1 billion
3.Gustav Magnar Witzoe27 years$ 2.3 billion
4.Jonathan Kwok28 years$ 2 billion
5.Elisabeth Furtwängler28 years$ 1.2 billion
6.John Collison29 years$ 3.2 billion
7.Evan Spiegel29 years$ 1.2 billion
8.Larry Ellison29 years$ 1.1 billion

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