How do I manage my finances

Simply manage finances

How you can put your finances in order and get rich in the process.

We help you to improve your financial situation with our easy to use program. In this way, you can fulfill your goals and dreams even if you currently have the feeling that you have lost track of your finances and that you are absolutely not a financial professional.

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Who does not know that? Money is running out at the end of the month. With saving, retirement provision and the fulfillment of your own dreams it doesn't really work out. And it seems like everyone else can afford more than you can.

But where does this dissatisfaction come from? A lack of knowledge about how to deal with our own finances often leads to us feeling overwhelmed and powerless. The result: We put off managing our own finances. And so the financial situation is not exactly ideal. That is frustrating and we would like to deal even less with our own finances.

Break the vicious circle now and improve your financial situation!

We know from our own experience that this is possible with simple means and with easy-to-understand instructions. Therefore we would like to make our program, consisting of an eBook and an intelligent Excel template, accessible to as many people as possible. It should also give you a better overview of your financial situation. We would also like to motivate you to take small measures to optimize your finances. In this way you can plan your wealth accumulation and significantly improve your financial situation. So that your goals and dreams also come true.

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Easy to use

Our eBook offers you easy-to-understand instructions. With the intelligent Excel template, you can go straight to implementation. You don't have to be a financial expert or a technology freak to use it successfully. You will be guided step by step.

Lower expense

The effort with which you can already significantly improve your financial situation is minimal. Once you get started, managing your finances is almost self-evident.

Increased motivation

Your motivation will grow noticeably through the improvement of your financial situation and the attendant realization of your goals and dreams. In addition, our eBook offers you far-reaching food for thought for better management of your finances.

Improved financial situation

Your financial situation will improve in both the short and long term through your commitment and your newly sharpened awareness of your finances.

Voices from satisfied users

"I have more money now and am much happier"

The income and expenditure analysis opened my eyes to where my money was trickling through my fingers and helped me to better spend my money on the things that are important to me. I have more money now and I am much happier with my finances.

Marc L. - Stade

"Ideal for all math grouches like me"

Getting my finances under control was really easy with the eBook and Excel template. And that, although I had great concerns beforehand whether I could do it. After all, I'm not a financial expert or a math genius. Now I am proud of my financial planning and have already fulfilled my first little dreams.

Laura M. - Jueterbog

"Only positive - the effort is worth it"

The eBook took away my shyness and motivated me to organize my finances. It was really easy with the Excel template. I am excited and my attitude towards my finances has fundamentally changed for the better.

Jürgen H. - Freudenstadt

Simply manage finances

Get our easy-to-use program today, consisting of an eBook (PDF) and our intelligent Excel template. Improve your financial situation and make your dreams come true!

EBook (PDF) For instructions & mindset
Excel template for implementation

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eBook (PDF) + Excel template

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