What are some examples of percussion instruments

Percussion instruments

Daniel plays on a small drum, also called a stirring drum or marching drum. The snare drum has a metal body that is covered on both sides with a skin. So-called snare strings are stretched across the skin on the underside. Hence the English name of the instrument, snare drum, or simply snare drum. The snare is struck with two wooden sticks called drum sticks. It belongs to the family of percussion instruments. Percussion instruments come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes and are made from different materials. Now listen to a few examples of important percussion instruments and pay particular attention to the variety of sounds. The big drum, the toms, the hanging toms and the floor toms. The different cymbals, the crash cymbals and the ride cymbals, the hi-hat, which consists of a pair of cymbals and is also operated with a pedal. Various congas and other drums and the gong. Kettle drums are also used in the orchestra. These are percussion instruments with a large body of sound. This consists of a copper kettle open at the bottom and covered with a hide. The timpani is struck with a mallet and can be tuned to different heights with a pedal. This combination of percussion instruments is known as a drum kit. You know it for sure. It is especially popular in jazz and popular music.