What's the last smell that you remember

The scent of childhood: what smells do you remember?

There are a few things that always blow your mind a little from now on. Simply because suddenly you're five again, a small child and everything is just like it was back then for a little while. Pure childhood memories.

The triggers for the little flashback in childhood are mostly pictures, colors, sounds - but also smells. Do you know that too, the scent of childhood? Here are eighteen wonderful things that just smell like childhood. Indulge a little with us in these beautiful memories.

The smell of fresh waffles from mom's waffle iron

The slight plastic smell of armbands

The scent of grandma's vanilla pudding

The smell of cotton candy at the fair

The smell of plasticine

This mixture of french fries and chlorine in the outdoor pool

The scent when the bed is freshly made

The scent of lanterns and fire during the St. Martin's procession

The scent of colorful autumn leaves

The smell of sun lotion on your skin

The smell of animals, stables, dung and straw on the farm

The smell of leafing through a new book

The smell of warm rain in summer

The scent of the Christmas tree

The smell of freshly baked cookies

The smell of sticky gummy bears in your hand

The scent of hot cocoa

The salty smell of the sea

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