Mike Bloomberg is a bad person

Campaign with unlimited resources : The Michael Bloomberg Experiment

You can see flowers, cuddly toys, candles, grieving people. Carried music can be heard, a deep voice speaks: “Trump has taken the side of the gun lobby. Members of Congress take the NRA's money and do nothing. ”The music speeds up, and Michael Bloomberg can be seen talking to people at work.

The voice says: “As mayor, he struck back. He reduced the number of those killed by firearms by 30 percent. He brought together 1,000 mayors from across the country who advocate sound gun laws. ”And he co-founded“ Every Town for Gun Safety, ”an organization that now has six million Americans,“ mothers, students, survivors, ”the one Demanded rethinking.

Bloomberg, the multi-billion dollar media entrepreneur, former New York mayor and official candidate for the US Democratic presidential nomination since November 24, is shown here as a doer, as one of the people who brings the country together and comforts.

The 70-second commercial ends with the words: “How can we be sure that Michael can do this? Because he has done it before. "

He has not yet really made an appearance in the election campaign. A few rather inconspicuous dates: in Virginia, Texas, Georgia, Arkansas, Colorado or Mississippi.

But not a single one in the four states that will host the first of a total of 50 internal party primaries next year: Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada and South Carolina. Bloomberg does not want to participate in these at all, for that he probably entered the election campaign too late. The other candidates have been in constant use there for months.

Almost $ 60 million have already been budgeted for advertising

Bloomberg is running an election campaign the likes of which the country has probably never seen. The 77-year-old insists on only intervening with his almost unlimited financial possibilities when it is really worthwhile: from “Super Tuesday” on March 3, 2020, the day on which the Democrats in 14 countries simultaneously have their delegates for determine the nomination convention in July, including as large as California.

Bloomberg calculates that no clear favorite will emerge in the first primaries, but that the four top candidates may alternate in front: Joe Biden, Elisabeth Warren, Pete Buttigieg and Bernie Sanders. He then wants to take advantage of this situation for himself, for which he floods television and radio stations in these countries with his advertising messages such as the stricter gun laws. Other important topics are the fight against climate change, for which he supports the climate protection campaign "America’s Pledge" (America’s Pledge), and health care reform.

He has already spent or budgeted almost $ 60 million on advertising; there is no upper limit. For comparison: the four top favorites together raised only around 28 million dollars for similar advertising this year. Bloomberg also buys loads of ads on Google and Facebook. And unlike his competitors, he doesn't have to ask for donations for his election campaign. According to the "Forbes" list, the eighth richest person in the world has enough money: his fortune, which he has amassed with stock market information services, amounts to a good 55 billion dollars.

Only he could beat Trump - Bloomberg is firmly convinced of that

Therefore, his campaign team is growing rapidly. The Washington Post reports on hundreds of extremely well-paid employees who are supposed to campaign on site in the 25 states that will vote on Super Tuesday and the two weeks that follow.

And in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, two states that will designate their delegates later that year. In these two "swing states", in which Democrats and Republicans lead, the presidential election could be decided on November 3rd. Hundreds of people already work at the current election headquarters in New York, and the campaign announces the arrival of experienced strategists almost every day.

They are all intended to promote a candidate who, in his own understanding, is the only one who can defeat Donald Trump. That is the core message. In his first campaign speech, he said Trump had to be beaten and that the country would not survive a second term for this president.

He stepped in for Joe Biden against poor poll numbers

Bloomberg had long hesitated to enter the already overcrowded field of Democrats. Above all, he only wanted to run if Joe Biden, who stands for a similarly moderate policy as himself, got out. That has changed. After the "New York Times" published polls in important "swing states" in which Trump could beat all previous candidates, he decided to run.

Biden is also still well ahead in national polls. But in the early pre-election states, where the main election campaign is currently taking place, sometimes the left-wing senator from Massachusetts, Elisabeth Warren, sometimes the young, gay mayor from South Bend, Indiana, Pete Buttigieg, passed him.

The latter is also part of the moderate camp, but at 37 years of age has comparatively little experience, is still unknown to many Americans - and has a problem of acceptance among the important African American and Hispanic voters.

It is true that Bloomberg has difficulties here too, since in his twelve years as Mayor of New York he favored a fight against crime that, according to critics, discriminated against non-whites. But his three terms in New York have at least made him known nationwide.

In the end, does the money decide?

There he proved that he can rule. His candidacy counts above all on the still undecided voters. Above all, he wants to appear non-partisan, a middle-class man, eligible for everyone, not just for staunch democrats. After all, he was once a member of the Republican Party.

One of the most discussed questions at the moment is whether all this will be enough, whether in the end the money will really decide. The fact that Bloomberg soared to six percent after a short time in surveys sparked unrest in the still large field of candidates. Kamala Harris, the Senator from California, who was one of the most promising applicants at the beginning, has already given up. She ended her campaign with the words: "I'm not a billionaire."

Donald Trump already has a nickname for Michael Bloomberg

Even the president, with an estimated fortune of $ 3.1 billion "only" at number 275 on the "Forbes" list, seems to take the new candidate seriously. Trump has already found a nickname ("Mini Mike Bloomberg"). And he has announced that journalists who work for Bloomberg's corporation of the same name will be banned from his election campaign events.

No wonder, since Bloomberg's campaign had one goal from the start: Trump. Ten days before his candidacy, he launched an advertising campaign against the president - worth $ 100 million.

“This is an all-man-on-deck moment. We will fight directly against Trump, "he said there. The online advertisements laid the foundation for his campaign: They are aimed at voters in the “swing states”.

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