Should I give up relationships

9 important things we shouldn't give up in spite of being in a relationship

Even if you are in a happy relationship, you shouldn't suddenly turn your entire life upside down and completely forget yourself. No man in the world is worth sacrificing certain things!

There are some things that you should ALWAYS keep for yourself because they are not worth giving up for whomever.

1. Your freedom

Regardless of whether you are in a relationship or not: You decide what you want to do, and nobody else! Of course you have to be willing to compromise in a relationship, but neither should have to bend for the other.

So if you fancy an extended shopping tour, dancing with friends or a yoga workshop in Mallorca - then do it! No matter what your partner thinks of it. Loving someone also means giving them enough space. This of course applies to both.

2. Your sex appeal

The nice thing about a committed relationship is that your partner loves you just for who you are. You don't have to hide from him without make-up or unstyled either. But that doesn't mean that from now on you only have to walk around in a baggy shirt and sweatpants. In between it is good to swap the cozy look for a sexy evening dress or exciting lingerie. Wear something that makes you feel really sexy! This is good for your self-confidence - and also for your relationship!

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3. The girls' evening

You are so in love - would you like to spend 24 hours a day just with your sweetheart? Attention! Because then there is no more time for other important people: your friends! After all, it is they who have stood by your side for years - in good times and bad. And who give you consolation when things don't go so well in love.

There must be time for the girlfriends! Where else can you relax so wonderfully as at a cozy girls' evening? Chatting, laughing, sipping champagne - we don't let that slip for any man in the world!

4. Male friends

Does your lover make a grumpy face when you meet your best friend? We can understand him, after all, he doesn't want to share his girlfriend with other men.

Nevertheless, nobody has to do without their male friends just because they are now in a relationship. Ideally, friend and best friend even understand each other. And if it isn't, make it very clear to your boyfriend that he doesn't have to be jealous (but don't give him a reason to be either!). So nothing stands in the way of your friendship with the opposite sex!

5. Your family

Nothing in the world can replace our family. Parents, grandparents, siblings - it is they who give us support, love us unconditionally and whom we can always count on. Even if your partner is now perhaps the most important person in your life - neglecting your own family for it is taboo!

If he gets along well with your family - everything is fine! But even if his relationship with them is not so rosy - take time for your parents, siblings and co. Otherwise you may regret it at some point ...

6. Alone time

Let's be clear: on some days there is simply nothing better than throwing yourself on the couch in your old-fashioned sweatpants, stuffing yourself with pizza, chocolate and red wine and watching your favorite series all evening. We don't want to be disturbed! This is our time when we like to be alone, relax and just don't have to worry. This alone time cannot be replaced by anything or anyone! So throw your friend out in between and have a cozy evening! It is balm for the soul.

7. Eye candy

Even if you're in a happy relationship, you don't have to run through life with blinkers on. There are a lot of hot guys out there who make us hot and cold just looking at them. You don't need to feel guilty: LOOKING is allowed, but MORE is not (unless you and your partner make other arrangements). After all, you only live once - so why should you turn a blind eye to such beautiful things?

8. Your vibrator

Just because a real guy is suddenly there doesn't mean your little plastic friend has to disappear in the basement forever. As nice as sex with your partner is - a vibrator also has certain advantages. Just consider all the evenings when your friend has to work long hours again. Or move around the houses with the boys. How good when a replacement is on hand ...

9. Your hobbies

No matter if you knit, paint, dance, ride or have a hobby - take the time for it! Whether your partner likes it or not, do your thing! Because you don't have to bend just because you're in a relationship. You should keep doing what you enjoy. The same goes for your loved one, of course. So you always have something interesting to tell yourself in the evening. And who knows - maybe soon he will even be enthusiastic about one or the other hobby of yours?

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