Why is YouTube blocked in China

Open Youtube in China

It is not possible to watch videos on YouTube in China because Google's YouTube video page is blocked in China. The Chinese government limits which websites can be opened in China and which online offers are blocked for users in China.

This Chinese internet censorship system is also known as the "Great Firewall of China", the internet version of the "Great Wall of China", the Great Wall of China, which separates the country from the rest of the world.

See Youtube videos in China

But YouTube videos are also accessible from China, albeit via a small detour. All you have to do is set up a proxy server or a VPN tunnel on your own computer or mobile phone, and it is again possible to open YouTube in China.

This page briefly explains what proxy and VPN tunnel are and what their differences are.

Is Youtube allowed in China?

True is YouTube blocked in China, however, bypassing internet censorship using a proxy or a VPN tunnel has so far been tolerated. It is common for overseas companies and individuals in China to use a VPN to access websites overseas. I am not aware of any problems with using a VPN tunnel in China.

The only reaction from the Chinese authorities so far is that individual VPN operators are occasionally blocked. However, this only happens every few years and is quickly resolved by the VPN provider by providing new access addresses.

A YouTube proxy or VPN for China?

Only a few free VPN providers or proxies allow you to stream YouTube videos via proxy or VPN, as videos require a lot of transmission capacity. The few free proxies and VPNs that YouTube allow are therefore often extremely slow.

A paid VPN tunnel is therefore much more suitable for accessing YouTube in China. Good and fast proxies and VPN tunnels are available for a few euros a month, so there is no need to go without them.

A comparison between those specified for YouTube proxies and VPN tunnels shows clear advantages of VPN technology. A VPN tunnel is configured once for the entire computer or smartphone and then transmits all data, including websites, email and Skype connections, via the secure VPN tunnel. A proxy, on the other hand, must be set up separately for each individual program.

Overview of YouTube VPN in China

The criteria for a good VPN tunnel are easy installation and a reliable, fast Internet connection. Of course, the price should also be right and the offer should be flexible. Last but not least, the VPN operator in China must of course not be blocked.

A good YouTube VPN for China is already available for well under five euros per month, with an unlimited transfer amount, so that any number of YouTube videos can be avoided in China.

A YouTube VPN for China can easily be installed. In the case of manual installation, the data from the VPN provider is simply entered in the VPN settings of the operating system. However, modern VPN operators also offer a simple installation program so that a click on "Setup.exe" makes the settings automatically.

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  • Hide.Me
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  • PrivateInternetAccess An American VPN provider also accepts anonymous forms of payment and says it does not store any connection data.

A VPN can easily be used on common operating systems such as Windows, MacOS, Ubuntu / Linux, Android, or Apple's iOS to open videos on YouTube in China.