Do you drink extra during the holidays?

A lot helps a lot: How to get to drink more water

As a child, I hardly had a drink during the day. That went on until I was 17 years old and on vacation in Thailand. After I reluctantly took a few sips of water several times, our guide told me very clearly what it feels like to have kidney stones. And he gave me a detailed description of the terrible pain of kidney colic. Since that day I have been drinking at least 1.5 liters of water a day and I am always carrying something to drink around with me.

Because water is so important - not only for our body, but also for the entire environment - want on the occasion of the World Health Day on April 7thMake it clear once again how important it is to drink a lot. Incidentally, there is also a World Water Day that emerged from the UN World Conference on Environment and Development in Rio de Janeiro in 1992. Since 1993, every March 22nd has a different “water theme”. This year the motto should be "Nature for Water"" Advertise solutions in water management that use the natural potential of ecosystems, "says

For health and beauty

Especially if you do a lot of exercise, you need to keep your body hydrated. After all, our body consists of around 75% water. “Thirst is already an alarm signal from the body. Have a sip so you don't get thirsty in the first place ”, admonished us Guide Andreas on our INTERSPORT snowshoe tour.

Your goal should be at least eight glasses of water a day to drink! Be ready 5% fluid loss can one 30% loss of performance have as a consequence. So you see: Too little water intake makes you perform worse during training, at work and in everyday life. By the way, dehydration can also favor wrinkles, too blemished skin and brittle hair to lead. Not to mention the extremely uncomfortable onesKidney problems: Our kidneys need a lot of fluid to flush toxins and waste products out of the body. In short: just drink more water. Your body will thank you!

Speaking of training: Those who do sports sweat and those who sweat lose fluids. You absolutely have to put this lost fluid back into your body, otherwise it can lead to muscle cramps and headaches. If you don't drink enough, your blood will become thicker and your heart will have to work harder, which reduces the efficiency of your cardiovascular system. It is best to make sure that you drink enough water throughout the day. This will ensure that you have enough stamina, concentration, ability to react and coordinate.





Because we know very well that many people find it difficult to drink enough daily, we have a few tips from Waterlogic prepared for you. This is how you will drink more water in the future: We promise!

Tip 1: morning ritual

And the marmot greets you every day: start the day right away with a glass of water. So you only have seven left to go. Water in the morning also helps boost your metabolism and flush toxins out of your body. It's best to put a bottle or glass of water next to the bed so you don't have to get up if you want to drink something.

Tip 2: tea time

(Unsweetened) tea also counts. It is part of everyday life for most people in the cold season anyway. But you don't have to go without tea in summer either: just make yourself an iced tea. It tastes delicious and refreshed.

Caffeinated drinks such as coffee and black tea have long had a reputation for dehydrating the body and are therefore not included in the fluid balance. However, this is only the case with a coffee consumption of more than six cups a day, as a nutritionist at foodwatch explains. A glass of water after your cup of coffee definitely can't hurt.

Tip 3: returnable bottles

Buy yourself one refillable drinking bottle. You can also fill it with unsweetened tea or a juice spritzer. There are also extra filter inserts for teas or fruits for the bottles. The bottle also cuts a fine figure on your desk in the office. Did you know: On average, Germans drink 33% less than they should during working hours. A full bottle or glass is therefore a must-have for your office table!

Tip 4: eat your water!

Exactly, water can also taste really good! Watermelons, Strawberries, salad, cucumber and paprika consist of 90% water. You can easily get your 8 glasses if you have one every now and thenFruit and / or vegetable smoothie mixes. This is how you give your body that extra portion of vitamin C. A tip: seasonal fruits ensure a particularly intense taste.

Tip 5: water with that extra kick

A few Lemon or orange slices, Mint leaves or Ginger slices spice up your water and provide you with additional vitamin C. Try it out!


Get your new water bottle


Water is and will remain the best drink to keep your fluid balance in balance. The choices are:

  • Mineral water- the optimal drink, must be of original purity and requires official approval
  • Drinking water- Tap water for everyday use is very strictly controlled
  • Spring water- like mineral water, only without official approval
  • Table water- an artificial product made from tap water and mineral water, without official approval
  • Medicinal water- a finished medicinal product, has soothing and healing properties; don't necessarily drink it every day

In addition to tap water, the most widespread is mineral water - due to its special properties. The salts are already present in it in a form that can be absorbed particularly quickly by the human organism. The higher the mineral content, the more effective the replenishment and thus the regeneration. Mineral waters are the beverages of choice, especially when exercising, as they can best compensate for the loss of fluid and electrolytes.


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