Why do people like South Park

Cult series"South Park" turns 20

"My ass! Ouch! - He's farting fireballs, dude! - It's from the anal probe that thunders bursts of fire from Cartman's rectal tube. - No, that was just a dream."

"Cartman and the Anal Probe" is the name of the first episode of the "South Park" series, which was broadcast almost exactly 20 years ago on the US channel Comedy Central. And probably the title, which we of course like to repeat at this point, "Cartman and the anal probe", explains why the series hit like a bomb at the time. Because something like "South Park" had not been seen before - nor heard: "South Park" was disrespectful, different and yes, above all, full of fecal humor. This is still the case today and this is also reflected in the supporting roles, which not only include a stoned towel, but also a piece of excrement that speaks and a gerbil who experiences all sorts of exciting adventures in the intestines of the class teacher's lover. So it comes as no surprise that a giant list is competing in "South Park" for the US presidential election - against a - well - shit sandwich:

"So far, the giant listener is ahead in polls! - What? What the hell is wrong with the people? Do they really think a giant listener would be a good president? That's crazy! - Why did you say we choose the poop sandwich? You haven't even talked to me about it. You won't seriously want to vote for the giant list? - Sigh - What's wrong with you? - I don't understand that every four years people argue about whether they are the giant list or the shit - Choose sandwich. - Because we're Americans! Because this is America! "

Master of the pee-poop jokes

At this point, this radio report on the 20th anniversary of the "South Park" series could actually be over. "South Park", that would be the conclusion, is the series that has burned itself into pop culture because it made pee-and-poop jokes acceptable on television.

But that would not be enough. Because "South Park" is much more than a series with fecal vocabulary. "South Park" is biting social satire, moral paintings, a deconstruction of the racist and homophobic US hinterland and a bitter criticism of the excesses of political correctness and its obsessive advocates. And of course the series also targets the lax gun laws.

The main characters in the "South Park" series are four third graders who live in a small town in the US state of Colorado and stage bitterly angry stories (dpa photo report / B3422_ipol)

"We don't know who to trust! - And what do we do now? - There's only one thing we can do. We get guns! - Guns? - That's the only way we can feel safe! - Kyle, even if we think we can protect ourselves with it - how can we even get our hands on guns? - (guns loading) - okay cool, we have guns. Now what? "

Trump will be completely ignored for the next season

The two series creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone are clever and attentive observers of their time, in their series they look at discourses and developments within US society and exaggerate them into the absurd. And so the duel between the poop sandwich and the giant listener is of course an allusion to the fact that many people were not enthusiastic about Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton in the last year and that many spoke of a choice between plague and cholera. In the series, by the way, the giant listener wins the election in the end, and although the giant listener does everything to lose the election, the candidacy should really only be a joke. Bad luck:

"What the hell should I do? If I win, I can't keep what I promised. But every day I'm ahead in the polls. Why did the Democrats have to put up a shit sandwich for the election?"

The allusions to Donald Trump are abundant. The series makers are now only annoyed by their president. And so Donald Trump is simply completely ignored in the next season. "South Park" always manages to surprise its audience. And there are more every year. Visually, the series has not changed - an extremely low-detail cartoon style still dominates - thematically, however, it is always up to date and often the most snappy commentary on the news situation that you can find.

The 21st season "Southpark" starts in September.