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The coldest city in the world: This is how people live at minus 50 degrees

Do you think our winters are cold? Your mind may be about to change. In Oymyakon in Russia, the average winter temperatures are minus 50 degrees Celsius. The remote village is considered to be the coldest inhabited place on earth. Oymyakon is a two-day drive from Yakutsk, the capital of the Russian republic of Yakutia. Yakutsk is the coldest city in the world.

How do the residents deal with the cold temperatures? “Russki chai, Russian tea. That's their expression for vodka, ”photographer Amos Chapple tells The Weather Channel after visiting the coldest inhabited place on earth.

Place name looks like a joke

Ironically, Oymyakon means “thawed water”. The reason for this is the nearby thermal spring. Originally, reindeer herds used the place to get water in the warm spring.

According to tradition, the coldest temperature ever recorded in Oymyakon was an icy minus 71.2 degrees Celsius in 1924. However, they were not recognized. The official cold record is -67.8 degrees Celsius, it was measured in February 1933.

It can be dangerous to go out with glasses in winter because they can freeze to the wearer's face. And that's just one of the minor problems this extremely cold weather brings with it.

Even car garages are heated here

There are other challenges that force residents to adapt to the harsh climate. The frozen ground makes it almost impossible to lay drain pipes. This is why most of the toilets are out and out.

The bitter cold also makes digging graves almost impossible. The soil must be thawed by a campfire before a funeral can take place. The residents use heated garages for their cars. Cars parked on the street have to keep the engine running, otherwise they won't start again. Aircraft cannot land in the region in winter. In addition, the risk of getting frostbite after just a few minutes outdoors is very high.

Neither fruit nor vegetables can be grown here

"I wore these pants when I first left the house when it was minus 47 degrees Celsius," says Chapple. "I remember feeling like the cold was encompassing my legs. I was surprised at how my saliva increased frozen needles poking into my lips. "

Due to the permafrost, nothing can be grown in Oymyakon. The population feeds mainly on meat. “People here love the cold food, the frozen raw fish, white salmon, white fish, frozen raw horse liver and that sort of thing. But these are delicacies, ”local resident Bolot Bochkarev told “In everyday life we ​​like to eat soup with meat. Meat is a must. It's good for our health. "

20 degrees: Summer is too warm for the locals

Chapple has traveled through Oymyakon and Yakutsk and has summarized the hard life of the people who live here in incredible pictures. As a photojournalist, he searches for interesting stories all over the world. But the cold was also a great challenge for his pictures.

In summer it is relatively warm in Oymyakon and Yakutsk with temperatures between 15 and 20 degrees Celsius. According to the meteorologist Jon Erdman, the mercury has also risen to 34 degrees Celsius.

The winters are long and the summers are short. According to Bochkarev, many residents complain even in the warm months and prefer the cold time.

(Editor's note, January 16, 2018: We added that the "record" of 1927 was not recognized and added the official cold record)