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"How can I make money from my blog?" Every blogger will sooner or later ask himself this question. How do you manage to market your content as an author and thus generate monetary income? How can you get in touch with companies and earn money through advertising, corporate blogs or sponsored posts? The good news: we know how to do it! Blogvertising is looking for talented bloggers whose content is interesting for companies and brands of all kinds.

Earning money with your own blog: that's how it works!

Many bloggers have now turned their hobby into a profession and work full-time as authors for their own blog. But how can you monetize your content? The magic word is Affiliate marketing: In order to position themselves optimally on the Internet, many companies enter into cooperation with influencers and bloggers in order to draw attention to products or services on their own blog and social media and to reach potential consumers. Bloggers write paid articles or shoot videos in which they advertise the services of their business partners.

Brands are always looking for good blogs as cooperation partners because they have some decisive advantages that are essential for successful online marketing:

  • a loyal readership: In contrast to many companies, many bloggers have a loyal fan base who is seriously interested in the content and who have also built trust in the blog author. This also increases the chance that they will build positive emotions and interest in the products advertised in the posts.
  • Authenticity: People who write about their passions on blogs that other Internet users are also enthusiastic about often come across as authentic and personable. Authenticity is a valuable asset in advertising and marketing. This makes collaborations with bloggers attractive online marketing tools for companies.

Whether cooking, computer games or lifestyle: any topic is welcome!

Basically, it doesn't matter what topic you deal with on your blog: for almost every topic there are companies that offer products or services and that could be interesting as potential business customers. For food companies and manufacturers of kitchen utensils, hobby cooks are ideal who try out recipes on their blogs. Cosmetics producers have the opportunity to cooperate with beauty bloggers. Niche topics are also welcome: the less competition there is, the higher the probability that you can make a name for yourself as a blogger in this area and thus move into focus for brands as cooperation partners.

The medium itself is also irrelevant: operators of impressive social media accounts as well as creative vloggers or blog authors are possible business partners.

Bloggers wanted: Register for free at Blogvertising!

In order to attract companies with well-known brands as business partners, you first have to attract them to yourself. There are different ways to do this. For example, you can design the blog SEO-technically so that it is easy to find. Another option that is extremely promising is to work with blog marketing agencies, which bloggers can refer to companies.

Blogvertising is always looking for talented bloggers with creative ideas. We help you to market your own blog by introducing you to companies that are interested in working with you.

The advantage for you? No matter what topic you're writing about, you'll be there! You can easily contact us using an online form by telling us something about yourself and your blog. Based on your information, we will contact you and make you an offer for cooperation and compensation. Then we take care of the placement and make your work known to well-known customers. Often it only takes a short time for blog authors to get their first assignment in this way.

You stay independent, you have complete freedom of choice and you have the advantage that we are at your side with problems and questions.