Daily exercise can improve your health

Sick from lack of exercise

Sitting slows down the circulation and leads to blood congestion in the lower extremities. After just 60 minutes, the vascular functions in the legs decrease by around 50%. The metabolism slows down. The oxygen supply decreases. Muscles relax and recede. The musculoskeletal system is weakened due to the lack of stress, but the upper postural muscles work without a break and become tense. If this continues for a long time, back pain occurs, which often becomes chronic and accordingly pulls the mood down. Bad posture, back problems, obesity and cardiovascular diseases are further consequences that we could very well do without. Enough reasons to get the unhealthy lack of exercise under control and to do something for your own health again!

Ways out of the sitting dilemma: take heart, you can do it!

You already guessed it, neither the bed nor the high table at the next corner bar offers a way out of the trap. If you want to keep your body healthy, you have to oil your hinges with regular movement. But don't worry: you don't have to become a top athlete right away. But who knows, maybe the balancing movement will soon motivate you more than you would have thought possible. Integrate the following possibilities into your life to quickly and safely get a grip on the health-threatening lack of exercise.

1. First things first: Avoid long periods of sitting with these tricks!

In the daily sitting marathon in the office, an hour of exercise here and there after work is not enough to compensate for the lack of exercise. The negative consequences of long, prolonged periods of sitting cannot be compensated for by doing sports once a day. You should get up and move around every now and then.

Interrupt your work routine in the office every hour and get your body going again!

  • Get up regularly and take a few steps!
  • Make calls while standing!
  • Stretch and stretch every hour or two!
  • Work at an ergonomic workplace with a height-adjustable table and regularly change your working position from sitting to standing and back!
  • Change your sitting position regularly!
  • Keep moving your legs and feet while sitting!

2. Office fitness: Motivate colleagues and become strong together

In this country, fitness in the office is usually only known from reports on Japanese companies and is more ridiculed than taken seriously. But why actually? Your colleagues probably also suffer from back pain or other illnesses caused by a lack of exercise and would be happy to find solutions to improve their complaints. Take it in hand and look for two comrades-in-arms in the fight against eternal sitting right now. Start with a daily walk to the nearest café and expand the office fitness program with stretching and stretching exercises. Do not be afraid to include strengthening exercises for your stomach and back.

3. Compensation in any weather: Training at home is so nice

According to the World Health Organization and other health-oriented organizations, adults should do muscle-strengthening exercises at least two days a week. This is the only way to counteract the negative consequences of a sedentary lifestyle. In addition, at least 150 minutes (e.g. 5 x 30 minutes) of light to medium physical activity should be exercised weekly. The easiest way to meet these requirements in any weather and with any obligations is to practice sports in your own home. Exercise bike, treadmill, multi-gym, rowing machine or fitness trampoline: there are many training options! And the fewer excuses for it. You can also watch your favorite series on the cross trainer and there are no opening times that could keep you from your daily workout.

4. Paths are there to be walked

Be it the way to work, into town or to friends - use the routes to ride a bike, to walk or, if the distances are very long, to stop while being transported by public transport. Ideally, stick to the golden path to health and try to take 10,000 steps every day. Sounds like a lot, but it's not. If you cover around 5 kilometers a day, you have already reached the step goal.

Walking is man’s best medicine.

Hippocrates of Kos, 460 BC, Greek physician

5. Don't make excuses

"I just have to finish the email quickly." "There is so much to do right now." "I feel listless." "I'm too exhausted from work and would rather have a glass of red wine than exercise ..." and so on. Finding excuses to stay seated and remain sedentary is really not difficult. In moments like this, realize that it's just an excuse. Breaking the slacker cycle will then be much easier for you and you may even have to smile at yourself at one point or another.

Your reward: Healthy through exercise

Doing sport or moving around just so you don't get sick is understandably only moderately motivating for most people. There is so much more to be said for exercising regularly.

  • More energy through sport: feel fit, feel the need for action, become more adventurous.
  • Good mood ahoy: Sport has an antidepressant effect and has a positive effect on your psyche.
  • The brain says thank you: Your cerebral blood flow improves and the formation of new nerve cells is promoted.
  • Losing weight made easy: Exercise boosts your energy expenditure and improves fat and sugar metabolism. In order to achieve faster results, build more muscles so that your daily calorie consumption increases.
  • Rejuvenation cure for the musculoskeletal system and circulation: Your bone density increases, the support function and stability are improved by more muscle strength, the heart pumps more relaxed and the blood pressure drops.
  • The immune defense is strengthened and the risk of illness is reduced.
  • Sport is fun! If you cannot confirm this yet, look for a sport that gives you pleasure: it definitely exists (including yours)!