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Are you planning to enter Ethiopia? You need a valid visa to enter the landlocked country in East Africa. You can obtain the entry visa for Ethiopia from the Ethiopian diplomatic mission in your home country before you start your journey. In Germany, the Ethiopian Embassy in Berlin and the Ethiopian Consulate General in Frankfurt am Main are responsible for issuing visas. Here you will also find information on the latest news about the Republic of Ethiopia.

Ethiopia differentiates between the types of tourist visa, business visa (business visa) and transit visa, depending on the purpose of the visitors' travel.

If you navigate to the individual visa categories for Ethiopia, you will find information on the visa validity, the permitted length of stay and the documents you need for your visa application. All applicants are required, inter alia, to Submit your passport, a passport photo, booking confirmations for the outward and return journey as well as the completed application form. In some cases, an invitation from the host country, also known as a Visa Support Letter, is also one of the application requirements.

Visa application via Buch-Dein-Visa: why?

The visa application is in addition to your travel preparations and brings with it several hurdles. These include, among others. Obtaining information, getting to the Ethiopian representations, language barriers and formal errors in the documents to be submitted. In order to avoid stress and annoyance upon entry and, above all, to save time, we offer you the option of ordering the visa online with just a few clicks. Our visa service includes the following:

  • Free advice and help with choosing a visa
  • Assistance in compiling the necessary documents
  • Takeover of the administrative procedures
  • optional: filling out the application form, checking the documents
  • Delivery of the visa to your home

You make your travel arrangements in peace, get information about the country or your hotel and we take care of your visa. Together we will make your trip to Ethiopia an unforgettable experience.

I have heard of visa-free entry - is that possible?

A stay in Ethiopia without a visa is not possible for Germans and most other foreign visitors. In the African state there is a visa requirement. The Ethiopian authorities officially allow air travelers arriving via the international airports of Dire Dawa or Bole (Addis Ababa) to apply for a visa on arrival. However, on the one hand this regulation is limited to transit visas and tourist visas, on the other hand there is a lack of implementation and the airport's infrastructure. Long queues and anger are the consequences - not the best conditions for a good start to the holiday.

The Federal Foreign Office recommends that all Ethiopia travelers request a visa from the country’s consular missions before they start their journey, in order to avoid problems when entering the country. Ideally, one to two months. For all travelers who come to Ethiopia by land across the national borders of the neighboring countries Eritrea, Sudan, South Sudan, Kenya, Somalia and Djibouti, a visa at the border control post is definitely excluded. Book your visa now and go relaxed on your vacation, business or transit trip. Then you will have enough time to get enough information about Ethiopia.