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The top 10 freelance websites (and their fees)

By Georgi Todorov, DigitalNovas

When I started my freelance career, I was obsessed with reading books about personal development. One of my favorite authors was Brian Tracy. He said that generating sales is the most important part of any business. Why is that?

Let's think about it for a moment. If you don't have enough clients, you will do less business and thus get less money. No matter how good you are at your job, without plenty of clients you have failed. And if you have too many clients - more than you are able to serve? You can always distribute work to other freelancers in order to build your own team and develop yourself from a single freelancer to an agency.

You can even cancel projects, delay them, refuse new projects and nothing will happen. But a lack of clients would destroy your business. You can outsource all of your other tasks - for example advertising, design or accounting. However, you cannot outsource the generation of revenue unless you find someone who is good at it.

In this article, I'm going to introduce 12 freelancer platforms that you can use to find projects as a freelancer.

In case you need more information after reading this list, you can check out Millo's list of the 25+ best freelance sites.


1) Upwork

Client fees: 2.75% (for payment process)

Freelancer Fees: 20% (for the first $ 500 with a client, then 10%)

Let's start our list with the top freelancer website that has the largest platform to connect employers with freelancers online - Upwork.com

Upwork (formerly Elance and oDesk) was founded in 2003 and has grown continuously since then. Today, the digital workplace meets the needs of 12 million freelancers who complete jobs worth a billion dollars annually.

Because of the popularity you - the freelancer - can find solid clients there. While it takes some time to build a reputation on the site and generate positive feedback, it's worth it. As soon as the people of the Upwork team find out that you are doing a good job, that you regularly earn money and that you deal very well with your clients, you will become a “Top-Rated” freelancer and receive various benefits, such as a banner in your profile, which you highlights, premium customer support, exclusive invitations for job offers and much more.

Upwork has many functions. The search function helps you to find the jobs that match your skills, the payment is secured by deposit, which is why you don't have to worry about it, and communication with clients remains orderly as long as you use the site.

Of course, with so many people on one site, there is also a chance there could be some scammers, which is a disadvantage of Upwork. But as long as you find out about the client beforehand and pay attention to good reviews, everything is under control and any cooperation can become a long-term employment relationship.

Compared to other freelance sites, the fees on Upwork are slightly higher. You have to give up 20% of your earnings. On the other hand, there are so many job offers from very good clients, which is why you can safely neglect this disadvantage.


2) Guru

Client fees: 2.5% (invoice fees)

Freelancer fees: 8.95%

Guru is another great freelance website where you can find talented people who can run various aspects of your business or job offers to monetize your freelance skills.

The site is used by more than 3 million freelancers and allows you to present your previous work and protects your finances with the SafePay service. Based on the project and the preferences of the client and freelancer, the work can be paid in milestones, per task, per hour or recurring.

For each job, you set up a contract with the client and can invoice work as soon as you deliver results.

Guru has lower fees compared to other freelance websites. The fees are based on your membership level and start at 8.95%, but can be reduced to 4.95% (which is nothing compared to e.g. 20% at Upwork).


3) Fiverr

Client Fees: $ 2 for everything up to $ 20 and 5% for the rest of the work

Freelancer fees: 20% (one fifth of the money earned)

Fiverr was created with the entrepreneur in mind. It is for talented personalities who want to find the right client anywhere in the world and who want to get a job quickly. For clients, the site is affordable and a place to find exceptional talent. There are professionals there who can design, translate or transcribe your logo, optimize your website, create book covers, advise you financially or legally, animate something or edit videos and all of this for little money.

Most of the freelancers are millennials and you are able to come up with some innovative ideas and offers.

As you can see, the fees are not small. And when you know that most of the work is worth $ 5, all you get is $ 4, with another fee deducted.

That makes getting started on this page particularly difficult. But once you've built a reputation and clients come to you and order in bulk, you can generate a significant monthly salary.

4) Freelancer

Client Fees: 3% transaction fees

Freelancer fees: 10%

Freelancer is another huge online platform where clients can choose from millions of offers that offer a variety of skills. There are monthly and yearly subscriptions, freelancers can bid on projects, do hourly work, or look for jobs and take part in competitions.

The payment system ensures that you only get paid when the job has been done and delivered. However, freelancers have a lot of cheap labor, which can be a problem when bidding for jobs as a lot of them would do the work for a few dollars (even if it was poor quality). If competition isn't in your nature, then one of the other freelance sites is arguably a better choice.


5) PeoplePerHour

Client Fees: 3.5% transaction fees (but 15% for the first $ 280)

Freelancer fees: 5%

PeoplePerHour is known for finding a job quickly, quitting it, and getting paid right away. There are also the PeoplePerHouse Hourlies - jobs that freelancers offer, which are processed in 5 days or less and deliver a certain result. This is similar to Fiverr, but here contractors can ask as much as they want. This is a great way to find new clients, which can lead to more work in the future.

The PeoplePerHour dashboard contains all the necessary functions at a glance and is one of the reasons why many professional clients and companies are looking for freelancers there. The WorkStream allows you to follow the work online, discuss the progress and make payments and changes securely.


6) FlexJobs

Client fees: not specified

Freelancer fees: monthly and yearly packages

FlexJobs is a freelance site that gathers workers, part-time and full-time contractors from 50 different categories. One thing the site is known for is good job search experience. You won't get annoyed by ads and everything you look for is based on your preferences.

The team behind FlexJobs is continuously working to make the hiring process faster and more enjoyable, to minimize the stress of finding a job or freelancer, and to provide users with the features and resources they need to grow their business.

Clients have to pay to find freelancers, which is why you are less likely to come into contact with a bad employer. On the contrary: you work with people and companies who are looking for your abilities and who pay you according to your real worth.


7) Twago

Client Fees: 12.5% ​​for hourly projects

Freelancer fees: 10%

Since we're talking about the largest and most popular websites for freelancers and employers, we should name Twago, which is one of the best options for the European market.

There you can find beginners and experts in writing, design, programming, online marketing and much more. You can also find some great clients to provide you with recurring work.

The system is designed to send you an email every time a job is posted that meets your interests. So remember to complete your profile.


8) 99Designs

Client fees: 30-40% of the amount needed for a contest

Freelancer fees: 10% for private projects

99Designs differs from the rest of the freelancer pages in this list, as it is mainly designed for designers (beginners and professionals) who compete with their work and the client selects their favorite project and works with this freelancer.

Many designers know that this is the place where not only can you find their first paying clients, but they can also build a portfolio before signing up on other platforms or starting their own business.

As a seller, you will not be able to bid on projects, but rather offer your services and often only a concept of your idea. Only the designer with the best idea that best fits the client's vision gets the job. There is a risk associated with this as the designer invests time and may not be paid for it. However, it is still worthwhile to improve your own work, connect with clients and gain experience in order to build a portfolio.


9) Craigslist

Client Fees: 0

Freelancer fees: 0

While most people associate Craigslist with buying and selling old items, the site has a lot more to offer. Freelancers can find job offers, negotiate prices and contact competent and good clients. The competition is significantly less on this site due to the ignorance of many people and the fact that Craigslist is mostly used for items.

The disadvantages include poor web design, no guarantees about what buyers and sellers will do, and that you don't really know who's behind the screen on the other side of the world. However, the advantages are that you can sell almost everything on this site, everything runs quickly and easily, the services are free and you can set up a profile in a few minutes to offer your services.

It is also possible to look for local job offers and thus find an employer who lets you work from home. Anything is possible - all that is required is a little research and the will to negotiate.


10) Top Valley

Client fees: not specified

Freelancer fees: not specified

Do you want to be part of the top 3% of all freelance talents? Then Toptal is the freelancer website for you.

If you think you are talented and have offered your software development, design or finance skills for some time, you have the chance to meet the requirements to become part of Toptal's exclusive network.

Apply today as a freelancer and start taking the tests and grappling with the other requirements to become a member. Once this is done, keep in mind that important clients will offer you more and more important projects.

Toptal is a great place for companies large and small looking to find special talent and for companies with a large budget to outsource. Employers must add a $ 500 deposit to their first payment, which can be returned if they choose to stop using the site.


11) ClearVoice

Client Fees: 4%

Freelancer fees: 25%

ClearVoice is a marketing platform and talent network where employers can find great writers, content strategists, designers, video designers and more.

Freelancers can join for free and showcase their best work. The site offers a free portfolio that allows you to receive quotes based on previous work. It can be freely designed to make a professional impression.

The jobs on ClearVoice are very well paid compared to other websites for freelancers. While getting your first job is relatively difficult, you have the chance to set your own rates, share your portfolio with the world and improve your brand.

You are not applying for jobs on this page. Specialists recommend you to potential clients and you can accept or reject offers that you receive directly by email. The better your portfolio, the greater the chance of finding a suitable client quickly.


12) Simply Hired

Client fees: not specified

Freelancer fees: not specified

Simply Hired is more than just another freelancer site. With 30 million monthly users, the site is a recruiting network and job search engine. The site has some interesting features such as a salary estimator and you can search for current jobs in a specific location.

New jobs are posted for free, which is why there are always many ways to get a job - whether digital or something like construction or transportation.

You can sort jobs by company, salary or city and all results will be tailored to you.




Never put everything on one card. Don't just rely on one freelancer site. Bad feedback from a disappointed client can hurt your business significantly. You become dependent on this one side and can theoretically be banned at any time.

It's best to have well-developed profiles on 2 to 3 freelancer websites.