Where do people run in Nagoya

30 things you should have done in Nagoya!

Would you like to know what sights Nagoya has to offer? Or is a trip to Nagoya worthwhile? Or why do Japanese castles look so different (# 1)? Or drive a Shinkansen yourself (# 4)? Have you ever wondered where the sun goddess lives (# 7)? How about a visit to a car racing track (# 18)? Or do you want to follow the manufacturing process of a car (# 3)? This article clarifies the question of what must-see in Nagoya. The Nagoya sightseeing tips are clearly sorted by sightseeing, shopping & fun and excursions from Nagoya!

Let's take a closer look at Nagoya:


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  • # 28. Kiso Valley - Hike from village to village on the old trading route.
  • # 29. Kanazawa - Explore one of the most beautiful gardens in Japan.
  • # 30. Ise - hike over an old wooden bridge to the holy shrine.

Conclusion: Nagoya isn't as boring as most people think! If you don't go now, it's your own fault!

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