How many trillion dollar companies are there

One trillion dollars: This is how much the US company Applenun is worth for the first time, as the only company in the world. Anyone who tries to take this sum ends up with a one with twelve zeros. Not particularly handy.

A comparison can be used to approximate this sum. For example with corporations that almost everyone in Germany knows. BMW, Lufthansa or Adidas, for example. In contrast to Apple, whose shares are traded on the Nasdaq technology exchange, the companies are listed in the German Dax share index. The most valuable company in the Dax is the software manufacturer SAP - with around 142 billion dollars, however, the current market value is only one seventh of the Apple value. Only when you add up the market values ​​of at least 24 of the 30 Dax companies, you get to the trillion.

There are only a few companies that even come close to Apple's stock market value. They are all digital corporations and, like the iPhone group, are among the most valuable companies in the world: Amazon, Google parent Alphabet and Microsoft.

Even the wealth of the richest man in the world, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, seems almost tiny next to the Apple market value: It amounts to nine times the wealth of Bezos.

Even the gross domestic product of some countries cannot keep up with the Apple market value: While Germany's economic output is 3.5 trillion euros, the Greek gross domestic product fits into the Apple value several times.

If you want to buy luxury items for one trillion euros, you need a large garage: the buyer gets 125,000 Maybach Exelero for the sum. It costs eight million dollars, it's the most expensive car in the world. The world's most valuable diamond is unique - hypothetically, the "Pink Star" could be purchased for $ 71.2 million but 14,044 times. Or, if no large garage is available at the moment, 714 times the most expensive cruise liner in the world: the Allure of the Seas.

Or you can support the Airbus Group, which is threatened by job cuts, with a major order: 2244 are available for one trillion dollars Airbus A380. But with this order there would be a volume discount.