What makes someone unforgettable

Have you ever wondered why there are so many unhappy people? It is almost difficult to meet someone who is really happy and therefore we consider it normal when life is full of problems and suffering.

It is not normal. Life shouldn't be a struggle. Happiness and peace should be a constant companion of our soul.

What makes us unhappy are often overestimated expectations about ourselves, our relatives, our income, our careers and so on.

If you do, you see your own imperfection as the cause of your inner instability. Due to the high level of expectations, reality often differs greatly from what you want and you think you have to fulfill all your dreams in order to create a balance and to be happy.

But what if you really achieve everything you dream of? And most of all, what if you haven't achieved it yet?

As we make plans, life happens. Make plans and pursue them, but don't make your happiness dependent on them. Every day is the starting point for something new.

Make you live now.

Here are 30 things you can do to make every day unforgettable:

  • Find the good in bad situations
  • Every adversity of fate holds within itself the germ of an equal or greater advantage.
  • Spend time with the right people
  • Who love you and have a positive influence on you. They make you feel a passion for life, they accept you for who you are and you want to look up to them.

  • Be honest to yourself
  • Admit to yourself what you want to achieve and who you want to be. Always be honest with yourself because you are the only person you can rely on 100%. Seek the truth in yourself.

  • Put your own happiness first
  • Your needs are important. If you don't take care of yourself and don't protect yourself, you are making things worse.
    Remember, it is always possible to take care of yourself, taking into account the needs of those around you.

  • Address issues with your head held high
  • It's not just your problems that say something about you, but the way you solve them and respond to them. Problems usually don't go away without action.

  • Appreciate the lessons you learned from your mistakes
  • If you don't make mistakes every now and then, you don't try and learn. Great success always comes at the end of a long road, paved with mistakes and attempts. Risk, fail and try again.

  • Be good to yourself
  • If you had a friend who would talk to you like you do sometimes, could you still hang out with him? Your attitude towards yourself is the example for others of how they should act towards you.

  • Enjoy what you already have
  • The problem that many people have is their waiting for happiness through the achievement of something great. As a result, happiness and success is always something that lies in the future.
    Take the time to enjoy the moment and have pleasure with what you already have.

  • Create your happiness
  • You're wasting your time waiting for someone to make you happy. Choose your happiness and be the change you wish for yourself.

  • Be yourself and be proud of it
  • Trying to become someone else is damaging your personality. Be yourself and use the person in you - their ideas, strengths and charms - and you will become a better version of yourself.

  • Give your ideas and dreams a chance
  • Life is not about getting opportunities, but about taking advantage of them. You can never be 100% sure that you will succeed in something, but you can be 100% sure that you will not succeed if you do nothing.
    You will win either way. It's either a success or a good lesson.

  • Believe that you are ready for the next step
  • You are ready! Think about it. You have everything you need to take a small step forward. Take a chance and the resources you have and don't hide from problems.

  • Build relationships with new people when necessary
  • Choose honest people who are a reflection of who you are or want to be.

  • Give new people a chance
  • It's an ugly truth, but you can't have relationships with every one of your friends. People change just like your priorities do. Relationships come to an end and new ones emerge. Know and appreciate the chance to meet someone new and build relationships.

  • Compete with the old you
  • Get inspiration from people, appreciate them, learn from them, but remember that comparing yourself to them is a waste of time. The only person you should compare yourself to is yourself. Set goals to achieve more and enter the competition to become better than you are right now.

  • Be happy for others
  • Be happy for the successes of others and be grateful for everything they do for you. Sooner or later, your attitude towards them will come back to you and people will be happy for your successes as well.

  • Forgive yourself and others
  • Healing is forgiveness. That means don't forget what hurt you. It means you forget the pain, learn from it and live on.

  • Help everyone around you
  • Take care of people. If you know a better way, show it. The more you help others, the more others want to help you. Love and good creates love and goodness.

  • Listen to your inner self
  • If it helps, discuss your ideas with your close circle, but don't forget your intuition. Be honest with yourself. Do what your heart tells you to do.

  • Focus on positive results
  • You should believe that you can do something. Listen to your inner self and think positively.

  • Forbid yourself to rush. Take breaks
  • Go slow and take it easy. Allow yourself to pause and move forward clearly. When you're busy, taking a little break can clear your mind again.

  • Realize the beauty of every moment
  • Look for happiness in the small events instead of waiting for something big.

  • Accept the good even if it is not ideal
  • Remember, the ideal is the enemy of the good. Sometimes it is better to accept the world and people than to try to idealize them. Also learn to love unideally and unconditionally.

  • Work on getting closer to your goals
  • The journey of 1000 kilometers begins with a small step. Whatever you dream of, do something every day to get closer to it.

  • Think about how rich you are
  • When hard times come, it's important to see the big picture. You can choose clothes to wear today, you have water and you are free to act out crazy habits. You have the internet and many other things that make you belong to a small part of humanity that is much richer than many others.
    Be grateful for what you have.

  • Don't hide your feelings
  • If you feel bad, talk about it with your close friends. It's not difficult to do and can be the first step back in a good mood.

  • Take responsibility for your life
  • Let your choices and mistakes be yours. Be ready to do something to solve your problems. You should be the only person who should manage your life. And yes, it is not always easy.

  • Develop the most important relationships
  • You can't be everything to everyone, but you can be everything to a few people. You don't need a lot of friends, you need friends to call real.

  • Focus on what you can control
  • There are a lot of things out of your own control. Focus on what you can control. If you can't control something, at least control your attitudes and reactions to it.

  • Pay attention to the present
  • Right now is the only moment you have Stop living in the past or in the future. Life is what happens now. Be grateful for the moment life gives you.

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