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Innovations through IT

From the reviews:

"... The book shows how new technology trends give companies impetus and how suitable innovation strategies can be developed and implemented. The numerous successful examples in this book from various industrial sectors and the public sector are both stimulation and inspiration - on the way to an exciting and trend-setting journey of discovery World of innovation. "

(in: VEÖ Journal, 2007, Issue 5)


"... The extensive collection ... shows the reader that modern IT has the potential to contribute to innovations and this through new forms of dialogue with business partners and especially end customers and new forms of controlling internal company processes. ... Conclusion: Many interesting articles but not all of which can be read. Those who make the right choices will be rewarded with new insights and prospects. " (Dr. Robert Fieten, in: BA - Beschendung aktuell, 2007, Issue 9, p. 91)


"The two editors ... understand an innovation to mean a novelty through the application of which a benefit of a social or economic nature is created. ... Your concern is to generate suggestions and inspiration by looking at successful practical examples. For this purpose, the Book an extensive practical part in which companies have their say that have already successfully developed innovations and put them into practice. ... The practical part is framed by an introductory chapter and a summary that takes up the key points of successful innovations. ... a valuable collection of articles ... "(in: www.contentmanager.de, 28 / May / 2009)