When did brahmins stop eating beef?

Can Shaivaites or followers of Shiva eat meat?

Kashmiri Pandits worship a variation of Shiva known as Batuka Bhairava - with fish and meat.

Vamachara Maarg of Tantra tends towards the Five Ms -

  1. Madya (wine)
  2. Mamsa (meat)
  3. Matsya (fish)
  4. Mudra (cereal)
  5. Maithuna (sexual intercourse)

Here we can understand that it is meat.

Yagna offerings are also made in Ashwamedh and Purushmedh and meat is offered to deities. So we can assume that Shiva can eat meat.

Also in the Ramayana later, Sita said to Ravana (disguised as a sage):

"Amigamiṣyati me bharta vanyamādāya puṣkalam z Rurūṇ godhān varāhāñca hatvā ādāyāmiṣaṃ vahu zz


"My husband Ram will soon be coming back with many kinds of wild fruits and abundant meat by hunting Ruru (a type of deer), Varaha (wild boar) and Godha (iguana). Now please be kind and tell me your name. Yours Gotra (clan or descent), to which you belong and what are you traveling in this lonely forest for? "(Tr. Ibid., P. 323).

There are several other verses that indicate that Ram was not a vegetarian. This is also evidence that GOD'S eat meat.

God is so simple, He is our help / benefactor who accepts everything we offer him with LOVE.

In most of the stories or myths related to temples, it could be seen that after the installation of the idol is completed, the relatives will worship the idol with whatever they have in their home.

People who live near the sea and depend on the sea for their livelihood naturally have dried fish at home as a food supply. When this community definitely installs an idol in their village, that dried fish can be expected as a sacrifice.

The destroyer ♦

Thanks for the answer. But some people say Rama never ate meat. It was due to a wrong translation. If Rama and Krishna had really eaten meat, it would not be a sin for people who want Rajo Guna.

The destroyer ♦

But here food was first offered to God and later eaten by humans, similar to Grama Devatas. But my question is, can I eat meat without offering anything to Lord Shiva?

Mr. P.

@AnilKumar That is your personal interest or not.


@ TheDestroyer - every food we eat must first be offered to God. Not because God is hungry (although he will be hungry if you really want him to be a bhakta), but to remove the doshas of eating. When preparing even vegetarian food, there are many places with ahimsa - mill, stove, broom, water pot, etc. where insects die. When cultivating the land, animals are knocked down, and when grain is transported by road / train, animals are also killed. To pacify the souls of these insects, we do God Neivedyam. Otherwise we are only eating sin (Bhagavad Gita).


@ TheDestroyer, the story of Vishvamitra - after 12 years with no rain he was close to death and could only find food from Svapaka (Chandala or dog eater). Before he wanted to eat it, he offered it to Devas. Delighted in his dedication even in times of need, Indra poured rain and revived the earth. Although you are not a brahmin, it is said that a person who eschews flesh will have all beings bow before him. It also leads to Rajo / Tamo Guna, which hinders spiritual thoughts and creates animal desires.