What is the future of retirement planning

Contents page: The future of old-age provision

Decreasing pensions

The Swiss pension system is faced with various challenges. Because we are getting older, AHV and pension funds are being forced to pay out pensions for longer and longer. In addition, there is a lack of young people, so that significantly fewer insured persons finance the pension funds. Another big problem in our pension system is shrinking investment returns and negative interest rates. All of these factors mean that the importance of private provision is increasing against the backdrop of decreasing pensions.

State stabilization plans

In 2017, the Swiss electorate was presented with two proposals for reforming old-age provision. Both the additional financing of the AHV through an increase in VAT and the federal law on the reform of old-age provision 2020 were rejected by a narrow majority. With the adoption of the bill for tax reform and AHV financing (TRAF) in the referendum on May 19, 2019, additional income of over CHF 2 billion per year will be achieved. The financial situation of the state pension scheme remains tense, however, a further reform to stabilize the AHV (AHV 21) is planned.

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Financing the third phase of life

We all have lifelong dreams: Maybe it's a motorcycle ride on Route 66, the Rustico in Ticino or your own sailing boat on Lake Zurich. Our dreams are worth coming true, especially when there is finally enough time to make them come true after retirement. It is therefore worthwhile to consider at an early stage which financial resources from retirement provision will be required for the third phase of life.

There are various considerations to be made: Who in the family should also be provided for, what should be considered in terms of taxation and how much pension is required permanently? The answer to these questions is very individual.

So that you can look forward to the new phase of your life with a good feeling and full of anticipation, the pension experts at your bank will advise you comprehensively and competently: Whether it is drawing up a liquidity plan or implementing your financial planning, together we will come closer to your lifelong dream. Because some things are far too important to be left to chance.

Tax breaks and preferential interest rates make Pillar 3a the ideal cornerstone of private pension provision. Thanks to our 3rd pillar products, you don't suddenly have to limit yourself in old age.

Our solutions for saving in the 3rd pillar

Act responsibly and start the future today. With one of our 3rd pillar products you have taken good precautions for yourself and your loved ones.

  • With securities savings, you invest your pillar 3a assets in pension funds from Swisscanto Invest by Zürcher Kantonalbank and thus in bonds, shares, real estate, raw materials and precious metals.
  • With various securities products, you have a pension solution at hand that counteracts high taxes and low interest rates.
  • With the Sparen-3 securities, you increase the return on your retirement assets compared to savings on an account.
  • You can choose whether your securities should be actively or passively managed.
  • Purchases and sales are possible at any time and can be made easily and conveniently via eBanking or the frankly app.
  • Individual savings on a Sparen 3 account at your bank will help you meet your pension needs, which can arise from gaps in benefits in the 1st and 2nd pillars.
  • You receive a preferential rate.
  • You can deduct a certain amount of the pillar 3a pension in a Sparen 3 account from your taxable income.

Swisscanto Safe savings target insurance

  • The Swisscanto Safe savings target insurance is linked to a Sparen 3 account and guarantees protection against the financial consequences of disability and death.
  • When you take out insurance, you determine the amount of your savings target that your beneficiaries should receive as a lump sum on death in the event of an insured event. The lump sum death benefit is the sum of your Sparen 3 credit and the insurance benefit.