Why is Friday the 13th scary

Me, Friday the 13th & Camp Crystal Lake

A classic film can come from any genre, it can be a drama, a comedy, a thriller or a fantasy film. Or a slasher horror. That's why I give my heart to classics today on Friday the 13th.

In 1980 a film shocked the audience: Friday the 13th director Sean S. Cunningham added a milestone to the slasher film, a subgenre of horror, which was perceived by some as cruel and eerily raw slaughter, by others as tense and ruthless Horror showpiece. At least Friday the 13th was so popular that it sparked a huge franchise. Nine successors, a reboot and a crossover were produced. This makes it the longest-running horror film series of all time. And it all started with the original Friday the 13th, which I am today my heart for classics give away - hopefully this won't be brutally cut out for me ...

Why I gave my heart on Friday the 13th
My soul is black as the night and I dream of slaughtering people - that would be pretty scary reasons to give your heart on Friday the 13th. It's not that dramatic for me, don't worry. I learned to love the movie about the murders at Camp Crystal Lake because it's just endlessly suspenseful. Part 1 still has a good shot of suspense and is nevertheless crude in a certain way - a symbiosis of horror and violence film, like a high-quality steak that is eaten bloody. The fact that the tendency towards slasher films is widely regarded as quite abnormal goes by the wayside. Friday the 13th is not a child's birthday, but neither is it a completely senseless massacre. It's just one hell of a good horror movie.

Why others will love Friday the 13th too
“Other” is in this case actually restricted to an exclusive circle. Many people just don't like slasher films. But anyone who rejects Friday the 13th on the grounds that part 3, 4, 5 or any of the followers were bad and only brutal is doing Sean S. Cunningham's film injustice. He clearly clung to the success of Halloween - The Night of Horror, but reduced everything around it to the essentials: tension. The focus is on shock effects, the attack comes out of nowhere and on top of that, at least for those who have not yet dealt with Friday the 13th row, there is a surprising final twist. There it comes out that not, as assumed, ... Nonsense, I don't spoil you! Take a look at the film for yourself and learn to appreciate it!

Why Friday the 13th is unique
Friday the 13th is not that unique, we don't need to fool ourselves. He plays the horror film keyboard with plenty of clichés and without any great originality. But that's basically the attraction and makes Friday the 13th something special: The notes are hit, the desired effect is achieved for the audience, no frills, but horror brought to the point without compromise. Zack, stomach stitch, dead. Hack, head off, dead. Cut, throat severed, dead. Rumba is no longer danced after the killer has struck, it's over. Just over. Out. Of course there is also such a thing as a dramatic background, but that is far less present than in comparable films. Friday the 13th is the essence of the slasher genre, the nasty little film on the fringes of business.

Why Friday the 13th outlasted the decades
For the reasons just mentioned, Friday the 13th will have a permanent place in the classics, even if it may only be in the genre classics. Friday the 13th combined a high heartbeat factor with tough scenes, formed the prelude to one of the most popular horror franchises and didn't make the mistake of looking cluttered, as is the case with many such films today.