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GoPro Hero 7 Black

I have had a Contour HD camera for years so that I can capture my experiences on video. So why a GoPro Hero 7 now? The special thing about the Contour camera is the elongated design, because it is very easy to wear on a helmet. However, the technical data no longer corresponds to the current state of the art. Since GoPro is widespread in the field of action cameras and has a good name, I decided on the GoPro Hero 7 Black.

Another important point for me is the availability of a remote control for the camera.

GoPro is a premium product and for the purchase price one expects an absolute top product that is well thought out and covers the needs of the customer.

Unfortunately, what you get is quite sobering. But I will not write about technical data here, because there are countless reports and tests on the Internet, but about the practical impressions and special features of the product.

The GoPro Hero 7 in a practical test

The first thing you notice is the very small design of the GoPro Hero 7. As a result, the control buttons are difficult or impossible to operate with gloves.


The accessories supplied are minimalist. Just a frame and two adhesive pads! Now you have the new product in your hand, you start to make films and photos, play around with it and then want to play the recordings on a television as your first sense of achievement and what do you notice? NO micro HDMI cable is included. Absolutely incomprehensible to me that GoPro does not include this cable.

Since I want to use the camera for motorcycles and e-bikes, you need a lot of accessories. Lots of accessories.

Here again there are significant additional costs due to the memory card, holders and an absolutely necessary remote control, because I already wrote that the camera is not particularly easy to operate with gloves. Costs of at least 100 euros are therefore to be expected. And only with the 50% discount that you get when you become a GoPro Plus member. However, you can cancel your membership at any time.

So I got some accessories from GoPro, such as the pipe clamp and helmet mount. These are of good quality and very practical to use.

You can find more information about mounting options for the camera in my post here.

In addition to the accessories from GoPro, there are many accessory companies, such as SP Gadget. I bought the following holder for the Smart Remote.

Battery life is (very) poor

Once you have bought all the necessary accessories and found the right positions for the camera, you are confronted with a major problem: the battery life is very short. Accompanying a tour for several hours with the camera is impossible and you have to think about the power supply. It is possible to remove the side flap in order to permanently supply the camera with a USB-C cable, but then the camera is no longer waterproof.

Since you cannot open or close the side flap of the camera with the GoPro frame, you should get an alternative frame. On the following picture, you can see the cutouts of the clearly better and cheaper frame on the left.

The closing flap should be pressed against the USB plug with a rubber band while driving, otherwise it always rattles or can be removed completely.

Wireless connections

Another special feature is that communication with the camera and the smartphone app or the remote control takes place via Bluetooth and W-LAN.

W-LAN and GPS can of course be switched off to save electricity, but everyone has to decide for themselves whether this is still practical. In addition, there is no quick selection button to quickly switch W-LAN on and off.

If you use the Smart Remote control, the automatic shutdown of the camera is deactivated. However, every time the remote control is used for photo or video, the large display is always switched on.

It is Not possible this switch offto save electricity. The smallest possible time unit is one minute. I find a completely pointless waste of electricity! When I use a remote control, the camera is usually placed where I cannot access the camera, e.g. on the helmet and why does the display come on?

As a result, the battery lasts about 2.5 hours in photo mode. During that time, I took 68 photos using the remote control.

In 10-second time-lapse mode (the display is switched off), the battery lasts approx. 4 hours.

picture quality

Now a few words about image quality. The quality is good and corresponds to today's standard for Full HD or 4K. HDR / WDR is only available for photos and unfortunately Not for videos.

The Image stabilization is working top notch and is really extreme effectively.

How well the image stabilization works can be seen in the following video that I made with my e-bike on a forest path.

At low However, the camera has temperatures (below 10 degrees) and in tunnels Problems with the image stabilization.

You can find more videos in the reports Weserbelgland and Harz (helmet camera GoPro 5 Session and on the front of the motorcycle GoPro 7 Black).

But the camera has significant problems with Noise, especially in the lowlight area. Furthermore, you have the feeling that there are always horizontal unrest in the image when the image stabilization has worked.

This is not particularly surprising, because the camera works with a very small sensor and the 12MP are simply too small to be able to absorb light really well.

The setting options are diverse. I find it confusing, however, that GoPro speaks NTSC and PAL video formats in the settings, but this is a relic from analog transmission technology. In the field of HDTV and 4K there is no longer NTSC and PAL. GoPro means the “flicker reduction” that can occur with 60 Hz and 50 Hz power networks (lighting).

Basically, you have to ask yourself whether you need 4K as a resolution. Of course it looks very good on a 4K display, but who wants to edit this amount of data in a video editing program? You need the latest computer hardware and in particular a very good graphics card that can also process H.265.


The GoPro Hero 7 is expensive, especially with the accessories that are absolutely necessary for use. I think a cheaper (Full HD) camera is sufficient for most applications, which is not as well equipped as a Hero 7, but can also deliver good images as a result. A good image stabilization should always be available and cheaper models only offer that to a limited extent!

Another important advantage (also compared to the GoPro Hero 8) is that I have the camera between firmly mounted frames can be changed quickly and you can replace the lens disc if it is scratched.

Smart remote control

The GoPro Smart Remote is great unreliable and loses very often the connection to the camera and / or hangs up or does not connect to the camera (s).

In the meantime I also have a Hero5 session that should also be controlled via the Smart Remote remote control. I don't know what GoPro was thinking, but this remote control is a major annoyance and just doesn't work. In addition to the problems described above, there is also an incorrect display: For example, the FB shows “Recording”, but the cameras are not recording anything. Or if the FB works, only one camera is started and not both.

WLAN is now automatically switched off on the smartphone via the Tasker program in order to switch off a possible source of interference, but without success.

The Smart remote Remote control is on the motorcycle not useable! According to my research, many other users have already had this experience.

Since the remote control works on the desk, it can only have something to do with the fact that the motorcycle is being used. I use a relatively large number of Bluetooth connections, e.g. for the BMW TFT display with Sena 10R and smartphone as well as navigation with Sena / smartphone.

I don't have any further explanation, but GoPro knows the behavior and just seems to ignore the problem. However, a remote control is very important to me on the motorcycle and was a decisive factor in buying it!

I sold the GoPro Smart Remote in September 2020 because I don't want to be angry about it anymore.

My experience with the GoPro service

Because of the problems with the Smart Remote, I called the hotline. The call was answered after 12 minutes. Unfortunately, the friendly employee did not seem in the least technically qualified and could not go into the problem. I was only offered an exchange. However, it was also not possible to answer whether the new replacement Smart Remote remote control is a newer version or not.

So I had to send my remote control to GoPro in advance on May 3rd, 2019 and so now I'm without it at all.

Today is May 20th, 2019 and so far there has been no response or the new remote control being sent.

Since there was still no response from GoPro, I called the support again today (05/30/19). This time I don't have to wait and I had a very friendly, good German-speaking employee on the phone. The process was checked and after an internal conversation I was informed that the remote control is currently not available. They have apologized and will now try to send me the replacement device as soon as possible.

Today on 05/31/19 I received an email that unfortunately it is currently not possible to deliver an exchange remote control to me.

Six hours later another email with the information that the new remote control is on its way to me.

Today on June 3rd, 2019 I received the exchange remote control.

The replacement remote control is used and has oxidized contacts or a leaked battery.

Since the replacement remote control works even worse, I replied to support on June 24th, 2019 to the last email message from GoPro. However, my message came back with the information that you should report by phone or chat. I then tried again to use the chat as a PLUS member, but this time it didn't work either. The chat still has never works and is never reachable. What an indictment from GoPro.

Another call on 06/25/19 and again wait, wait and wait in the telephone loop. After 16 minutes I hung up annoyed.

Another attempt to call the hotline on 06/28/19 and after waiting 11 minutes in the loop hung up again.

On June 29th, 2019 I wrote a critical post in the GoPro forum, which can be found here.

On 06/30/19 an employee replied to me in the GoPro forum and they want to take care of the case with support.

It's now July 8th, 2019 and of course nothing has happened.

Another entry from me in the GoPro forum why nothing happens, although one wanted to take care of it.

07/12/19 GoPro has contacted me and would like to have my contact details.

07/13/19 A supervisor from support wrote to me and arranged for another exchange. One would like to apologize for all the trouble with an attention.

16.07.19 received the RMA return documents again.

07/17/19 Smart Remote sent via UPS to GoPro Netherlands.

07/18/19 According to UPS tracking, my package has been delivered to GoPro in the RMA center in the Netherlands.

07/29/19 An original packed one arrived today new Remote control on and a chest strap as an excuse.


I can only strongly advise you to look at alternatives, such as those from Garmin, Sena, Insta360, DJI etc.

On October 1st, 2020 I sold the GoPro HERO 7 Black and replaced it with an Insta360 One R 4k wide angle. You can read about whether that was a good decision in my Insta360 report?

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