How much do young web developers earn

Web development salary.

Starting salary as a web developer.

IT jobs tend to be well paid. This also applies to web development, even if you as a web developer earn far less than IT consultants, for example. In numbers, that means that you

  • with a bachelor's degree 35,381 euros and

  • with Master 34,833 euros

get average salary in the year. You read that correctly: The salary hardly differs and with a Bachelor's degree is even slightly higher than that of a graduate with a Master's. One can guess: In web development, it is worthwhile to gain practical experience early on and to spend the time on it rather than on a master’s degree. Even with an apprenticeship, you can become a web developer, but then you will earn less - not only at the beginning, but also after several years in the job, even if the gap narrows:

With studiesWith training
Up to 2 years44,733 euros29,500 euros
3 to 5 years46,542 euros38,755 euros
6 to 10 years52,700 euros46,038 euros
more than 10 years57,227 euros52,050 euros

Source: Stepstone Salary Report 2016.

As a web developer you are not the top earner among IT professionals, but compared to the related professions of web designer or game developer you are still doing well:

  • Web designers earn an average of 29,000 euros gross starting salary.

  • It looks similar with game designers, although the earnings here can fluctuate extremely depending on the company.

  • However, the respective salary increases if you have studied and gained professional experience instead of training.