What is the best dog for babies

Which dogs are particularly fond of children and also suitable for small children?

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Before families buy a dog, they should find out about the different breeds.

Wanted to be the perfect dog for families with children cuddly, loving, playful, obedient and with strong nerves be. Parents should contact the different breeds of dogs deal with. We'll tell you which dog breeds are recommended for families.

Basic character traits of a family dog

A dog that lives in a family with young children must have one low potential for aggression exhibit. He should also have a high threshold and one low guard or protective instinct feature. As a rule, families with children often receive visits from friends and relatives; In these cases, a strong protective instinct can mean stress for both dog and owner. In the worst case, the dog sees it as its duty to protect the children belonging to the family from the visiting children.

Experience has shown that there is often a lot of hustle and bustle in family associations with many children - very sensitive four-legged friends are quickly overwhelmed in turbulent, noisy families and react accordingly disturbed or aggressive. The dog must have a inner serenity so that it doesn't jump at every little stimulus.

Families with young children

For families with very young children, the following applies: The dog should no problem thus have if he is in favor of the child stand back a few hours or even days got to. A dominant dog who likes to be the center of attention may have a problem with this and develop behavioral problems. In addition, a high threshold and a apply calm, balanced mind as solid basic characteristics of a family dog.

In addition to character traits, you also need to know about the height To worry about. While large dogs have to learn how to control their strength when dealing with small children, small dogs are often not taken seriously by children. The risk of injury is correspondingly high for small four-legged friends. The rule here: Let your children play with the dog not alone and check them regularly Interaction between dog and child.

Dog breeds suitable for families

The Beagle is the ideal dog for a large family.
  • beagle. The Beagle feels at home in active families. He enjoys that Presence of his people and enjoys the Freewheel on dog walking. As a rule, the Beagle gets on well with other dogs and approaches strangers in an open and friendly manner. He has a low level of aggression and has no pronounced watchfulness. The playful Beagle has a small child-friendly body size.
  • Bernese Mountain Dog. You own one big garden and are looking for one confident, confident Dog? Then you are well advised with a Bernese Mountain Dog. This one needs little fun and has one high threshold. Screaming, raging children can rarely impress the Bernese Mountain Dog. His inner peace and be pronounced awake instinct let him grow into a calm observer who attentively perceives what is happening around him. Corresponding weakly pronounced is the Play instinct. The strong, large dogs need a strict hand - a good education is essential in order to confidently appear with the dogs in public.
  • Border terrier. Families who like to be in the Move nature, find a suitable companion in the Border Terrier. The robust dogs are robust and with strong nerves. Playful and enthusiastic, they like to romp around actively and persistently with children. In doing so, they bring their own head and pronounced self-confidence With.
  • boxer. The boxer is present and willing to work. The sturdy dog ​​is suitable for wild games with the children - who always need motivated four-legged friends little incentive, he loves exercise and dealing with strangers and dogs. Confident-sovereign he faces his environment. His playful nature requires a corresponding consequent education by the people.
  • Eurasier. The Eurasier is a active dogwho at the same time very confident as well as independent comes along. In addition, he is characterized by a robust, nervous, adaptable nature. He loves to romp across the meadows with the children. His hunting instinct is not very strong; He shows no interest in strangers. Anyone who decides to buy a Eurasier will get one moderately playful Dog that very independent walks through life and has a certain vigilance.
  • Golden retriever. The Golden Retriever is commonly considered to be classic family dog. Be open friendly nature makes it very attractive for families with children. The Golden Retriever also presents itself very well as an adult dog playful and nervous. If you are looking for a four-legged friend who patiently romps with the children, treats them lovingly and has an easily controllable hunting instinct, a Golden Retriever is well advised.
  • Labrador.Present and exuberant that's where the Labrador comes from. The Labrador is friendly to strangers and is patient and playful around children. His hunting instinct can be well controlled through upbringing. The sturdy four-legged friends were originally bred for close cooperation with humans. Thanks to children in the household, the dog is challenged, Labradors own a lot energy and wish a corresponding physical exertion.
  • poodle. Active, noisy, happy families are well advised with a poodle. The poodle is commonly considered to be willing to learn and adaptable. Because of his playful streak, he is considered family friendly dog; this is also indicated by its low level of guard and hunting instinct. Poodles have little hair and are usually very open to strangers.
  • Sheltie. The Sheltie prefers one calm environment - Accordingly, the posture is recommended for families with older children. Turbulent households should refrain from keeping Shelties. The fluffy Shelties are considered to be active, playful and easy to train. The eager to learn and enthusiastic dogs can also be brought up by children, for example when attending a dog school. Right in the middle instead of just being there - the Seltie likes to go for a walk and can be used for Dog sport inspire. He is initially reserved towards strangers.

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