What are the company's international investment projects

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The German system of foreign trade promotion is characterized by a division of tasks between the state and the economy. In order to provide German companies with the best possible support, the individual institutions such as chambers of commerce abroad, diplomatic missions, Germany Trade & Invest (GTAI) and others work closely together.

Germany Trade & Invest (GTAI)

German foreign trade makes a significant contribution to growth and prosperity in Germany. As an export nation, Germany is successfully integrated into international trade. At the same time, the Federal Republic of Germany benefits as a business location from the settlement of foreign companies, which create additional jobs in this country.

In times of intensified international competition, successful business development is more important than ever. Germany Trade & Invest (GTAI) is the business development agency of the Federal Republic of Germany. GTAI supports German and foreign companies in expanding their business activities. As part of the Digital Hub Initiative, GTAI focuses on recruiting founders, young companies, specialists and (VC) investors as well as marketing Germany as a digital location. In addition, GTAI promotes Germany's location advantages abroad and promotes the internationalization of the economy in regions affected by structural change. Learn more

Export initiatives and market development program

With its export promotion offer, the BMWi supports small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in opening up new markets abroad. Sectors of the future such as energy, environmental technology, healthcare and civil security are taken into account as well as traditional branches of industry. Coordinated modules enable companies to choose individually tailored measures. The market development program (MEP) addresses medium-sized companies across all sectors, while the export initiatives ("energy", "environmental technology", "health industry", "civil security technologies") focus on certain sectors. Learn more

Foreign trade fair program

In order to promote foreign trade, the Federal Republic of Germany participates in selected trade fairs and specialist exhibitions abroad. In the context of joint company exhibitions, for example, the federal government assumes part of the costs in order to make it easier for small and medium-sized companies to participate in foreign trade fairs and thus to open up new markets. On the basis of suggestions from the economy, the BMWi, together with the Exhibition and Trade Fair Committee of German Business (AUMA), determines each year in which foreign trade fairs and exhibitions the following year should take place. Learn more

Export credit guarantees (Hermes cover) and investment guarantees

The export credit guarantees of the federal government (so-called Hermes cover) protect exporters and export-financing banks from economically and politically induced bad debts in connection with foreign-related transactions. By assuming an export credit guarantee, the risk of default is largely transferred to the federal government. The policyholders pay a risk-commensurate premium for this. The export credit guarantees of the federal government are an important element of risk control and in many cases only enable a business to be financed by credit institutions. Learn more

Upon request, the Federal Government can also provide guarantees for investments abroad in return for a fee to protect against political risks. The prerequisite is that the company in question is based in Germany and the investments in the countries concerned enjoy sufficient legal protection. Learn more

Chambers of Commerce Abroad

The German economy is supported in its activities on foreign markets at 140 locations in 92 countries worldwide by Chambers of Commerce Abroad (AHKs), delegations and representative offices. These institutions stand up for the interests of the German economy and the respective home country and promote commercial traffic in both directions with extensive services. You also take on an important task of promoting foreign trade in the public interest. Learn more