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People find it difficult to implement long-term projects, and not just when it comes to climate protection: no sooner had the shops reopened than the digital transformation slipped back down on the list of priorities in many companies. As the consumer climate improves, digital homework disappears from consciousness. In view of rising infection rates, lockdowns are already being discussed again in the United Kingdom. And the Aldi CEO asks customers there not to burden the trade with hamster purchases. Investing in ecommerce is investing in the future - one way or another.

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TRADE NATIONALGaleria Karstadt Kaufhof takes four more branches from closure list

Good news for employees, customers and the affected communities: Two more department stores and two Karstadt Sports locations will be opened removed from the closure list. As the Lebensmittel-Zeitung reports, CEO Miguel Müllenbach announced that locations in Braunschweig, Dortmund, Düsseldorf and Neuss will be retained. The number of houses threatened with closure has fallen from 80 to 40.

After the shock, there was a relapse into the old routine - digitization is slowing down again. Why actually?
When the lockdown came, many in retail (and not only there) were shown how great the deficits and failures actually were on the path of digital transformation. The Lockdown startled, there was a jolt through the industry. But now? Many companies have fallen back into the almost indifferent rut. It is still important to take measures in order to be prepared for the next crisis. Which exactly, explains etailment expert Stefan Luther in his guest article "Get started or go under: the next crisis is sure to come".

Development Minister Müller reads the digital riot act to trade associations on the subject of supply chains

The message to the trade associations that predict the end of all international trade when the Supply Chain Act is introduced was clear. "Nobody can tell me that in times of Digitization and blockchain According to the Handelsblatt, Development Minister Gerd Müller countered the attackers on the proposed legislation. At the same time, he emphasized that the companies are often much further than the associations Prosperity is based on outsourcing production, exploitation, slave wages, and over-exploitation of people and nature. That must have an end."

Consumer climate: GfK is forecasting further improvement, not least because of the positive income expectations of consumers
Despite the increasing number of infections and the increasing fear of tightening pandemic-related restrictions, according to the researchers at GfK, the consumer climate in Germany is stabilizing. Although there is a decline in consumer propensity to buy, economic and income expectations are increasing. "Apparently they are extensive stimulus packagesMeasures suitable for companies and consumers to help Germany out of the worst recession of the post-war period ", it says. The Ifo Institute had previously corrected its economic forecast for autumn and confirmed that the German economy was on the road to recovery.

Supermarkets and discount grocery stores as well as retail parks are at the top of investors' wish lists

Despite the corona crisis, grocery stores, drugstores, DIY and garden centers, furniture and hobby and leisure markets continue to be among the expanding retail industries, summarizes the results of an expert survey that the Hahn Group regularly conducts and publishes as a "Retail Real Estate Report". The above-mentioned retail sectors also had a predominantly optimistic sales forecast for the second half of 2020. While shopping centers are currently When possible new investments hardly played a role in the considerations of the investors, supermarkets and food discounters as well as specialty retail centers were at the top of the wish lists of investors.


INTERNATIONAL TRADEWalmart expects the online boom in the Christmas business and hires 20,000 seasonal workers

Is it the encouraging whistling in the dark forest or the seeds for a self-fulfilling prophecy? Maybe a bit of both: There is more and more talk of the 2020 Christmas business beginning earlier and becoming more intense. It is a matter of what is lost Compensate business. While consulting firm AlixPartners first declared October to be part of the US Christmas season two days ago, Walmart is now announcing that it has taken preventive measures for the expected additional business and is planning to employ over 20,000 seasonal workers in its e-commerce fulfillment centers across the country . The US retail giant predicts three main trends for the Christmas season: increased online shopping, constantly evolving wish lists and consumers' desire for a simple and secure shopping experience.

Amazon wants to help achieve the climate goals of the Paris Agreement more quickly - but first there are new labels
Amazon is climate-conscious. At least the company has now introduced another label: Climate Pledge Friendly. The program aims to make it easier for customers to find (and buy) more sustainable products. More than 25,000 products are labeled with the Climate Pledge Friendly label, according to the company, in whose strategy climate protection has so far not played a major role. Each appropriately labeled product has one or more of 19 different sustainability certifications. With the initiative Climate Pledge Friendly Will underscore Amazon's commitment to reach the Paris Agreement ten years earlier and be net carbon-free by 2040. According to its own statements, the company has already committed to using 100% renewable energies by 2025. It is not yet known whether and when the initiative will also be implemented in the German online shop.


Samsung Pay is now also coming to Germany - payment processing by Fintech Solarisbank

It was just over a month ago Samsung Pay started in the UK (MB of August 19). Since the Pay app is pre-installed on some smartphones in Germany, users have now noticed a change: As the GoogleWatchBlog writes, the app clearly indicates an imminent start. There is also a Samsung page where users can register. The Handelsblatt announces the start of the payment service in Germany for October 28th, the payment processing will be done by Fintech Solarisbank.

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