What information can a private investigator get

Is it the first time with a private detective or with a detective agency?

"Hello, I am reporting to a detective agency for the first time, but I am not sure whether you can help me. It is a personal / business matter that I / we no longer know / know. Can you / help us?" We hear these words again and again and would like to briefly explain how the processes work when you hire a private detective or a detective agency.

The first step is that you familiarize us with the case information and, if possible, describe to us in as much detail as possible what exactly it is in your particular situation. Our experienced investigators then put together a suggestion of how to proceed. Should your concern be a more extensive one

To act on the case, we recommend that you speak to one of our investigators personally so that they can get a good and varied picture of your current situation.

As soon as the next steps are in place, you will receive a written offer from our detective agency with all the information about the order, including the procedure, the duration of the investigation, the objective of the order and the expected costs.

After we have received your approval, the private investigators can start the preliminary investigations so that the investigation can begin at the agreed time. We will keep you up to date with the investigation at all times, accordingly you will be informed daily about the current status of the investigation by the detective agency. If you want to stop the investigation early, for example because you already have enough information or for other reasons, this is possible at any time.


· Short-term assignments are also possible


· Private investigations and surveillance are not criminal offenses and do not violate the right to privacy.


Upon completion of the investigation, you will receive a detailed, written report. We also enclose images and / or video material with the report, should this be useful.


You will also receive an invoice with a comprehensible statement of costs. The costs are calculated from our hourly fee and the kilometers driven, which are at fixed prices. No surcharges are charged for night or weekend orders.


Concerns of our private detectives:


We ask you not to research on your own, because doing your own research is usually more harmful than useful.


Should it happen that you express a suspicion to the person against whom we are investigating or that they feel observed, this person will be more cautious and perhaps destroy evidence, which will make it much more difficult or sometimes even impossible for our detectives to prove something to you to be able to.