Men are more lazy than women

Study shows: men annoy women more than children

Really. You wouldn't have needed a study for that ... They should have just asked us. With all love - of course our men annoy us!

The net is going crazy, reports are rolling, gender researchers are screaming. And all because of a "piece of news" that isn't actually anything at all. Because researchers have found that men are the greatest stress factor for women. Even before children and the household. Well so what. Does this surprise anyone?

What is the problem

According to the study, this is due to the unwillingness of men to take care of the household. At least that's how women feel. Not that the offspring are much more helpful, but the indulgence towards one's own children generally seems to be greater than towards the man. Could be because children are small. And the fact that you know that at some point they will fill up their own place. It's a little different with men. That stays. So in the best case.

What we can nerve back with

By the way, men are not a bit stressed by women. At least not when everything is peaceful. But we can really get them back when we argue with them. According to science, this causes your stress level to skyrocket very quickly. Well, whether it makes sense to give him a boil of adrenaline when you're already totally unnerved is an open question. But are there better solutions?

The key to unhappiness is called "Mother Gathering"

Finally, a quick look at your own front door. Yes, you could put away a little something there too. For many women, the "lazy man" is a homemade problem. Experts call the inability to relinquish child and household responsibilities "Mother Gathering". It's common. But if we women always watch with eagle eyes how a man treats the child, how many degrees he puts the laundry on or whether even the farthest corner of the farthest corner is perfectly vacuumed, this does not necessarily lead to a greater sense of responsibility in the partner. So the more we pretend to be the guardians of the perfect household, the more our men will withdraw. The principle also has a name, namely: All seats are taken. In other words: You don't take up a place in the relationship that is already occupied. Incidentally, this applies to every area of ​​the relationship. Anyone who has an imperial objector as a partner becomes more carefree as a result. People with chaotic partners become more orderly. And people who have partners, who find the household particularly important ... well, you understand.

The solution is so simple

But if you know the principle, you can also use it well for yourself. For example, just put your feet up, read the newspaper and take the place of "lazy partner". Maybe it will work and he will see that the space on the vacuum cleaner is still free ... Just try it. And then don't complain about the farthest corner of the farthest corner. You know. Mother Gathering and such.