What is the best toilet paper

Toilet paper in the star TV test

Constantly sold out and in great demand - during the Corona crisis, toilet paper has become a real luxury item. But what actually makes good toilet paper? Together with paper expert Prof. Jukka Valkama, stern TV tested twelve toilet papers from various manufacturers, including recycled papers, fresh fiber papers and mixed papers.

Prof. Valkama is head of the paper technology course at the Dual University in Karlsruhe. Together with his team, the expert determined the softness of the papers in the laboratory and measured how much water a sheet of paper can absorb. It was also tested how tear-resistant the toilet papers are when dry and when wet.

The toilet papers “Zewa tried and tested” and “Yes! Comfort". The price-performance winner is the “Ja!” Product, which at 15 cents per 100 sheets is significantly cheaper than the “Zewa” toilet paper for 25 cents per 100 sheets. In third place is the recycling paper “Kokett Recycling” from Aldi.

The placements in the overall ranking

1. Zewa proven
2. yes! Comfort
3. Flirty recycling
4. Gentle and Safe Classic
5. Thank you (recycling)
6. Flirtatious normal
7. Gentle and Safe Recycling
8. favora Nature (recycling)
9. Floralys soft
10. Good & cheap, sooo soft
11. alouette recycling
12. Hakle ("Football Edition")

The results in the categories tear strength and softness