What color do dogs not like

Are Dogs Really Color Blind?

"Dogs don't recognize colors." "Dogs only see everything in black and white." Is man's best friend really at home in a monochrome world? We picked up the trail to the truth and learned amazing things.

In 1989, scientists from the US University of California provided the result of their research in the study "Color vision in the dog": Dogs see in color, but differently. The vision of four-legged friends is similar to that of people who suffer from red-green poor eyesight. The dog's eyes mainly recognize colors in the areas of yellow and blue. Because they perceive everything that is red as yellow hues; For them, green is not colorful either.

This is due to the types of cones present in the eye, i.e. to the receptors responsible for color vision. The dog only has two of them that perceive shades of yellow and blue. The healthy human eye has three types of cones: for yellow, red and green tones.

Even if the four-legged friends do not recognize as many colors, they orientate themselves more strongly than generally assumed. This is what Russian biologists found out about colors as a source of information in dogs in 2013. Before, the opinion prevailed that differences in brightness were more important to them. Because the dog's eye has a particularly large number of rods that are responsible for seeing light and dark. Here the dog is better than the human. But people score with their visual acuity - dogs are a little short-sighted.

Pity for myopic dogs with color vision deficiency? No reason! Nature ensures balancing justice. Dogs have excellent twilight vision and a large field of vision of up to 240 degrees. In addition, they have excellent hearing and an incredibly keen sense of smell. What more does the dog want in order to successfully search for food?

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