Amazon releases its employees

Amazon fires employees who have violated the guidelines!

One or the other Amazon customer must have stumbled upon an email from customer service in the last week. In this e-mail, affected customers were informed that their e-mail address had been passed on to third parties. Amazon dismisses the responsible employees!

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Confused customers connected via Twitter

Many Amazon customers have been very confused about the Amazon customer service email over the past week. In this e-mail it was stated that the recipient is affected, that the e-mail address has been passed on to third parties. Since there are many phishing campaigns around Amazon, many of the recipients have been skeptical. In general, an internal hacker attack is nothing out of the ordinary.

Some of the recipients expressed this skepticism on Twitter and asked the community whether anyone else had received this email. In the following example, the Twitter user named Zain Jaffer posted a screenshot of the Amazon email and asks if anyone else is affected by this data breach:

Did anyone else get a weird email from @Amazon about this data breach or was I just targeted solo?

- Zain Jaffer (@zainjaffer) October 24, 2020

In terms of content, Amazon customer service writes that some employees have violated company guidelines and passed their email addresses on to third parties. If you have received this email, your email address has been affected.

Customer service also writes that Amazon is dismissing the responsible employees and that no data other than the email address has been affected by this data leak. Accordingly, there is no need to worry or take any further action.

Amazon fires employees - not the only company affected

We have already reported on internal hacker attacks in a detailed article. Back then, Shopify and Tesla were two large companies that were affected, each with an internal attack. At Tesla, this attack was prevented in time; at Shopify, no final result is yet public at the time of writing.

It is very difficult for companies to protect themselves against internal attacks. However, there are some configuration options that can make it very difficult for potential attackers to misuse the stolen data. For example, two-factor authentication at Amazon end customers. One of these configuration options is that each employee only receives the rights that he needs for the tasks. As a result, no employee receives more rights than he or she needs, so damage can be greatly limited.

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