Who was Franz Josef Degenhardt

song writer: Protest singer Franz Josef Degenhardt is dead

We'll miss him because he's honest.

You might or might not like FJD. But he was always honest. He took the step that others never dared. He was just not a zeitgeist rider who always appeared in the right dress of the time.

Like other supposedly "leftist" artists, he had not become apostate when it came to facing the history of the other Germany. That also raised him above the people - even if he would have forbidden to do so immediately - who, when the GDR went under, parted from everything, from the party, the trade union and so many other things, which until then had supposedly made up progressive everyday life.
You didn't have to have been or be a friend of his political views, but as written, he was an example for our generation. Not like others who were "left" in language and right in fact.

We have seen so many come and go. We know the sayings of so many that life is not a one-way street. We were amazed who spied on everything against if in the old Federal Republic of Germany, a lot would still have to be worked through, but he always sang against these people.

One voice less, and one that you could always hear if you wanted to disturb.

He was a thorn in the flesh of the compromisers as well as the so-called "progressives".

That one writes down his son Kai, who is a brilliant musician, to this day, because the "old man" was uncomfortable and we will still be after his death, speaks for the press.