How has learning changed your life

When learning German changes life

Urge every month one million job seekers on the job market in India, the competition among them is fierce. Especially with school graduates from rural regions in India, the Unemployment rate remains very high. Because compared to their competitors from the cities, they lack adequate foreign language and computer skills as well as very good communication skills. Most public universities in rural areas do not offer courses in these areas.

That is why the Vicente Ferrer Foundation four technical schools set up so that young people from rural regions are better trained to start their careers and a Get perspective for the future. The technical schools offer half-year and year-round courses in which the technical students can deepen their English skills or learn a new language and take part in computer courses and application training.

One of these college students was Parimi. The young woman has a bachelor's degree in statistics and computer science. After graduating, however, Parimi had no idea what she wanted to do and no prospects for the future. Then she got the opportunity to attend one of the foundation's technical schools To learn German as a new foreign language. Today Parimi works as a payment processing analyst at a large German bank in Bangalore, India. Parimi is very happy that she was given the opportunity to learn German and thereby improve her chances on the job market. Today she is in a position to support her mother financially, who otherwise would have been on her own after her father's death. Parimi's big dream is to travel to Germany one day and work there for two years.

We wish Parimi all the best for the future and would be delighted if we could meet in Germany one day.


Interview and text: Vicente Ferrer Foundation Germany