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Today I would like to recommend the documentary “The Lottery of Life” to you. The film got me thinking: Why do we still accept the inequality in the world? Why do we know so much about the inadequacies in the education system - and do nothing about it? Why do so many people still have a job whose goals they morally reject? Why do we still blindly obey the concepts of capitalism, knowing full well that we are thereby destroying nature and our livelihood? Why do we allow people to enrich themselves at the expense of nature and other people?

As an attempt to explain, the film shows how free we really are in our everyday actions: namely that we actually live out our freedom within a narrow corridor - limited by values ​​and beliefs that have never been questioned. These have been passed on to us by our parents / educators, through the educational system and generally through society and culture.

As a consequence, we play our role without thinking too much about the “why?”. We are so preoccupied with surviving within these value systems that we cannot break out. We accept what “is the way it is” - and thereby cement the status quo.

The documentary does not stop here, but also provides a solution that each individual can develop for himself. Strongly shortened:

  1. Constant questioning of one's own conceptions of the world and belief systems: “Why?” In order to break out of one's own limitations, beyond nation and ideology.
  2. Do not solve challenges posed by today's society on an individual level - but rather connect with others, get up and work on the system.

Films like this get under my skin because they show how much power the individual has to change. I think it's very important to make people think. Although I'm afraid that the masses prefer to watch series ...

If you want to take a look at the company, take a look at www.creatingfreedom.info, iTunes, Amazon or YouTube.

I like it:

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