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How important is music to children?

Integrate music into everyday life

"Music should be integrated more into family life again," agrees Maxi Heinicke, music teacher from Berlin. She advises parents to simply put on the music they like at home, whether classical, rock or pop, and to knead with the children, to make simple rattles from old photo boxes or toilet paper rolls or to paint with finger paints. Your two children liked to create their own shapes and figures.

The music pedagogue only finds constant rain less good. "With children we should listen to music consciously. We adults often forget what music does to us. Children, on the other hand, spontaneously show what they like." Parents can train their children's fine hearing by talking to them about what they hear: "Do you like that? Does the music feel light or heavy? Can you hear something trumpeting, humming or tooting?"
Parents can also take their children to concerts at an early age.

With the youngsters to concerts

In big cities you will find special offers for kids from kindergarten age with the Taschenphilharmonie and so-called baby, seat cushion or family concerts: usually half an hour of selected classical and child-friendly music. According to Maxi Heinicke, it can also be a street musician or a brass band - "The main thing is that the music is hand-made, not with the synthesizer". Because children experience first hand what different types of music, singing and instruments there are.

Brass music, music through amplifiers or loudspeaker boxes can become very noisy and can reach volumes of 80 decibels or even more - i.e. as loud as a construction machine. If parents take their children with them to concerts, whether classical, pop or rock, construction headphones from the hardware store protect the sensitive ears of young listeners.